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Posted by gLaDieZz @ 05/22/2008 11:31 PM GMT8

Posted by About Anything @ 05/14/2008 12:57 PM GMT8
A New Home
Blog is no longer active as I am moving home. ;-)

Posted by princessbeadies @ 01/06/2008 09:50 PM GMT-8
More accessories
Hi! I recently added some other items (non jewelries) like winter hats, scarfes, and even a purse to Princess Beadies collections! As a part of my new year resolution to learn new things every day, I found my self eager to learn other crafting activities like sewing, crocheting, scrapbooking and...

Posted by Espacio Muerto @ 10/21/2007 08:11 AM GMT-8
David Bowie y el sueño psicodelico de los tardios 60's.
May God's love be with you...

Posted by We Miss Home @ 10/15/2007 10:15 AM GMT-8
28. Eid and Beyond
There was no Keeper of the Rulers' Seal this time, but it was the Regent Mosque that made the announcement. We celebrated Hari Raya on Friday, 12th October this year. It caught us a little off guard as we were preparing for Hari Raya to fall on Saturday. But being in the UK, little did it has any...

Posted by blacklistblog @ 09/30/2007 10:08 PM GMT1
Fat and Diet Issue
So, did you eat well today? If you on diet, i want to advice you one thing. NEver use diet pills if you not a serious problem about diet problem. If not, you will have a big trouble when you want to eat and drink. Futhermore, i prefer if you drink a lot of water and eat more fruits and vegetable...

Posted by On My Mind... @ 09/11/2007 12:55 PM GMT-6
Busy summers are no excuse not to blog since June, but that's the only one I have. This summer we went to France and Italy, and I realized that I was supposed to be an European and somehow the stork accidentally dropped me in Chicago. Then it was off to Canada last weekend for a wedding, and to top...

Posted by Knit and Pearl @ 08/27/2007 02:16 PM GMT-8
moving to typepad
HEY FOLKS, I am moving over to typepad check out my new blog-new name Little Pearl please come and visit  me!!! thanks, joy I am also going to have a give away in September -STAY TUNED-

Posted by katarina @ 07/04/2007 02:54 PM GMT1
I've heard that moving every once in a while is good for you, so I've decided to move to another part of our digital universe.From now on you'll find me at this address:katarinaknits.wordpres s.comI hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. Welcome over! Oh, and bring your knitting.

Posted by Homegrown @ 07/04/2007 02:52 PM GMT-5
Being Domesticated
Being at home for the past months made me realize how I could utilize my skills in cooking, sewing, scrapbooking, the arts and household chores. So this blog would include my opinions, views and suggestions regarding how staying at home can be fun and interesting. Enjoy the ride!


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