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Posted by bicara mustika @ 02/26/2015 05:30 AM GMT1
9th day - 35w1d
It's the 9th day been warded for placenta previa level 3. Will have another 3 weeks before I could actually meet this little creature in my belly.... However, I'm quite nervous to undergo the c-sect. Yes a bit disappointed coz I can't have a normal delivery. I always believe that natural system...

Posted by ~Tsuruko Hiroshi~ @ 12/20/2013 01:17 PM GMT7
~ Firzan Shah 9 month old ~
Assalamualaikum....Lambat betul update pasal perkembangan firzan masa 9 bulan ni. Actually not much to say... everything goes as smooth as it should be. Alhamdulillah...But something to be remembered, dia dah sangat expert memanjat tangga... pantang lepa sekejap, dah sampai atas dah dia panjat....

Posted by Hideout Network @ 12/01/2014 12:27 AM GMT-6
10 years and 3 months later.
Welcome back to another edition of ChatConfess! er... I mean BlogDrive Life! no no... Screaming Comic! not that either... Mobile Journal Project! hrm. did that even ever get off the ground?.... I Can't Draw Comics! while that's true, that's not it... Ah!Welcome back to the Hideout...

Posted by home to garden @ 08/25/2014 04:33 PM GMT-8
Speaking from encounter the most efficient doggie or cat fur vacuums happen to be
Speaking from encounter the most efficient doggie or cat fur vacuums happen to be The best way to rid your self of bothersome fur balls would be to often comb your animal's coat. Each Dyson & Bisselloffer pet-grooming vacuum cleaner accessories that make speedy work of cleaning totally...

Posted by This is My Life @ 08/24/2014 03:34 PM GMT-7
Welcome to My Blog
Hello I am a writer and a person who had dealt with many things in their life. From different people to the paranormal and occult. I am not one to start things off in a nice sweet manner instead I am going to explain why I have chosen to start a blog. I have been told I could make money on here...

Posted by luCode @ 07/25/2014 08:42 AM GMT4.5
After a long time i didnt update my blog.. i will do so in couple of month.. Im back with new tech

Posted by Cattie's @ 07/05/2014 11:50 AM GMT1
Det har v√¶rt stille her lenge. Litt fordi jeg vistnok har for mange bilder her s√• siden er for tung √• laste - vurderer andre alternativer. Litt fordi jeg har g√•tt over til maling i det siste, som tar litt lengre tid, og er litt sprett rundt, men tenkte jeg skulle fors√łke oppdatere her en...

Posted by :: celotehanku :: @ 06/12/2014 06:27 PM GMT7
Antara Pilpres dan Piala Dunia
Bulan ini kita dihadapkan pada 2 perhelatan akbar yang kalau boleh dibilang menguras jiwa raga kita: Pilpres dan Piala Dunia.Tidak, saya tidak berlebihan mengatakan demikian. Memang Pilpres baru dilangsungkan pada 9 Juli (1 bulan lagi), tetapi 'tontonannya' bahkan sudah dimulai sejak kedua calon...

Posted by My SoCalled Blog @ 03/18/2014 06:29 PM GMT-5
Just maybe...
I'm back...

Posted by myTungstenjewelry @ 06/10/2013 01:01 AM GMT-8
Tungsten and Ceramic Ring
Rio Tinto Making Progress on IPO for Diamond Division Progress has been made for a proposed IPO for Rio Tinto's diamond division, sources say, with some hoping it will launch before the end of the year. "There's the real possibility of an IPO," one source tells me. Rio Tinto...


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