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Posted by Lisa's Journal @ 12/18/2003 02:47 PM GMT-5
What a busy day!
I had to bring Anna for a flu shot this morning at 9:30. Of course when I got Evan up for school this AM at 6:00...he said he wasn't feeling well. He felt warm so I took his temp & he had a temp over 101. Of course I couldn't send him to school. Anna was getting into everything & Todd...

Posted by .//Innocence @ 11/13/2003 07:41 PM GMT-6
School Uniforms
School uniforms... I go to a catholic school and wear skqrits (sp?), or skirts that are really like shorts, or navy pants/shorts. You can't wear any footwear other than tennis shoes and nothing but white socks. White blouse only, and in cooler weather one of the three sweatshirts or a red...

Posted by THE KROC @ 11/11/2003 06:50 PM GMT-5
Daniel click on Daniel to see a picture: 11-11-03------- Well, I though I would begin this "blog" after the momentous day that we saw an image of our child, (what they say is...) a boy, for the first time.  Daniel was very hyper during the ultrasound--much to our amusement.  He...

Posted by Interregnum @ 11/06/2003 04:58 PM GMT2
The heart of the matter
Posting entries on a quandary is one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever done. When I write and publish lifestyle features or academic articles, I know where I am going. There is a beginning, a middle and an end. This is very different and I have only the excuse that this is what I do in my...

Posted by pathtoGod @ 10/10/2003 09:52 AM GMT-5
fantasy or reality?
Let’s say there is a computer whiz who creates a program where people live in an imaginary world. In this world there are things that are good for them and things that are not good for them.  The things that are not good for them contain much immediate pleasure.   The computer whiz...

Posted by Kapitelj @ 10/06/2003 02:04 PM GMT1
Oznanila 20.9.03
  SVETA BIRMA   P reden se je Jezus poslovil od učencev, jim je obljubil: »Prejeli boste moč Svetega Duha, ki pride v vas, in mi boste priče do konca sveta. Sveti Duh vas bo naredil močne in modre.«   Svojo obljubo je Jezus izpolnil na binkoštni praznik, to je petdeseti...

Posted by Tomaľ @ 09/25/2003 08:20 AM GMT1
o blogih
Blogs have taken the Internet by storm, and they’re the easiest way to publish your brilliant thoughts. ”) is an interactive, personalized Web journal for posting your views, art, rants, raves, reviews, pictures, music—anything that you want to share with the teaming masses (or a private group)....

Posted by surrealisminwords @ 09/06/2003 08:12 PM GMT-8
im sorry
im sorry im sorry im sorry.. Geez im so incontrol of my own life. school and tennis. geez why can't i handle it? or maybe i just need more patience? my moods have been changing so much and i always feel tired. but itry to put up that happy face...just tires me even more.. im sorry im out of...

Posted by :: ttht80 :: @ 08/28/2003 11:48 AM GMT-8
So after a long day and night of thinking...I've come to the conclusion that I am more confused than ever. The ex and I broke up about a month ago. I've been hella strong about everything and I've been happier than ever. Even though I was just sitting at home doing absolutely nothing...I was happy....

Posted by WishUponRisk @ 08/13/2003 08:12 AM GMT-8
I didn't sleep today or last night i woke up at 5 and i'm not sure if i feel fine, makes me miserable amd sleep deprived i tried goin back to sleep but my sleep button is broken There's too much trouble out in the world Is there anything we can...


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