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Posted by My Twisted Life @ 06/06/2004 05:11 PM GMT-8
The End of the Year
Well, the end is finally approaching thank goodness.  There have been so many ups and downs, and it's been crazy.  After that incident with Cory, I told him to leave me alone, and I told him that I never wanted to see or speak to him again.  So, with much avoiding, and such, he moved...

Posted by fintan @ 06/03/2004 06:53 PM GMT7
I want her! Fark Off Xiao Zhu You Bitch
Argg that Xiao Zhu ..sigh so insensitive towards me. I am already so farking lovesick yet she still insult many percent do u think u can get her. Shes really that bitchy now i know why her relationships are never successful. I like Cin kinda badly and Xiao Zhu thinks i dun stand a...

Posted by The Map of Life @ 05/25/2004 03:34 PM GMT10
If only we had more time... we'd get more done....
Itís another week, only 2 more till break, now thatís something to look forward toÖ   Have u ever had one of those moments where u think that what youíve done is good enough, but it isnít. Well last week was one of those moments. As a group we did an assignment/ presentation, which we...

Posted by fallenstarling @ 04/16/2004 11:10 AM GMT-5
I think I just need to pick a guy and stick with him. LOL I was just reading this lil blogger, and good lord, ive been "in love" with like a zillion people. good god what's wrong with me? lol

Posted by smile for me @ 04/15/2004 12:58 PM GMT-8
back to using xanga again ?user=javette

Posted by SoNyAbLaAaDe @ 04/10/2004 10:22 AM GMT-5
hey linds- im replying to your entry in this.
thats really odd that you wrote that entry b/c me and alex were talking about that exact same thing in the car last nite.. :(. yeah it makes me sad too. our relationship has changed... yeah. i was talking to alex and i told her that me and you now when i see you, i feel like i gotta say " how are...

Posted by Fiat Lux @ 03/30/2004 07:55 PM GMT-8
ms. whalen
to lindsey whalen, basketball player from u minnesota. i am crushing on you. have a nice day!

Posted by goangod @ 03/12/2004 12:33 PM GMT10
Goangod has left the building
To all my devoted fans, I will be relocating my blog to

Posted by FyreMystics @ 03/11/2004 08:11 PM GMT-5
[Mood]- Confused @.@ [Music]- Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Never Say Good-bye Wow...I'm so confused! I truly don't believe I've ever been more confused or lost in my entire life. No..that's a lie. I'm pretty easy to confuse. Well...I'm not as much confused as I have mixed feelings. *sigh* I shouldn't...

Posted by littleboo @ 03/01/2004 03:08 PM GMT-8
Ill be around....
I guess this is my appology to the world.. To anyone who I ever made fun of, talked about, said rude or ignorant things to, yelled at, made cry, made them hate me... To anyone who ever loved me but I ignored you, to anyone who ever liked me and I did the same.. To anyone who ever wanted to be my...


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