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Posted by Jem's World @ 12/01/2006 11:25 PM GMT8
time to move on
its may be wiser to just give up tis blog since the past few entries show a very dark aspect of my life?might considering migrating my blog to somewhere else brighter... carn be bothered with custom layout. u guys/ gals come here to read my words nt to see how beautiful it is...

Posted by HurlieGurlie @ 11/30/2006 12:40 AM GMT-7
Life Kicks You In The Ass...
 I hate you.  But I love you even more, no matter how many times you make me cry.  And I don't think anyone understands how much it is.  You're the only person I can ever picture myself with.   You're the only one that can even understand why I am the way I am... but...

Posted by mackycruz @ 07/05/2006 10:49 PM GMT6.5
She's Not There
The song that has been keeping me awake at nights wondering how the rest of it sounded like is looking like it is not a Beatles song at all. The last part of it goes "and the color of her hair" and that is all I've remembered and somehow it's been stuck in between my cranial crevices and has...

Posted by Phil's Fiefdom @ 06/04/2006 07:39 PM GMT8
Testing Blogdrive
I've tried almost everything else.  This better be good.

Posted by Catholic Study @ 05/24/2006 08:17 PM GMT-5
Mary the Mother of God
Recently, I read John 19: 26-27 “When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, 'Dear woman, here is your son,' and to the disciple, 'Here is your mother.' From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.” I complained to Jon and said...

Posted by ANIMATOR @ 03/08/2006 09:47 AM GMT1
Duhovne vaje za birmance
PRAVILA ANIMATORJEV: Animator ... ... je vedno med otroki ... je zgled otrokom in animatorjem ... ne zamuja ... skrbi za svojo duhovnost ( maša, spoved, duhovno branje) ... se pripravi na program in opravi svoje dolžnosti ... spoštuje in pomaga otrokom in soanimatorjem ...

Posted by birma @ 03/08/2006 09:30 AM GMT1
Hura, bilo je odlično, mar ne. Dragi birmanci zelo sem ponosen na vas! Oglejte si nekaj slik, malo za obujanje spominov!

Posted by Mockingbird Bones @ 01/10/2006 08:16 PM GMT-6
Why can't I chose my crushes?
I just wrote a very pretty and poetic entry about how I'm torn between the man I love and am currently with, and the men who I'm infatuated with. Then it got deleted, so you'll have to deal with a coarse diatribe now. I have no intention of leaving my boyfriend. I'm madly in love with and...

Posted by p o G s @ 01/08/2006 02:58 PM GMT4
Drowning surge of rainEach drop is like a huge cut to my heartThe breeze it carries could suddenly obliterate my faithIt always leaves destruction to my soul I offer gratitude to the sunIts heat gives me momentary existenceSupplies breath to my shadowThus it could be tough and valiant But it's...

Posted by dev1ou5.50uL @ 12/15/2005 02:21 AM GMT8
Ah and so i'm back, from Outter Space ... keke nah, juz frm orchard actually. juz came back frm a lil window shoppin wif Elinda ... and i bumped into Fabian ... urm an 'ol mate of mine ... he's like Charlotte's Cousin ... and Charlotte's *who i heard frm Fabian .. she's been married for a...


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