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Posted by klevstul @ 10/25/2012 03:39 PM GMT1
Hello, World!
Is there anybody out there?

Posted by udaru @ 10/07/2012 10:46 PM GMT1
வன்னியில் உள்ள பெண்களின் துன்பங்களை பார்க்காமல் பெண் உரிமை பேசுவதா? சாடுகிறார் பிரியாணி குணர
வன்னியில் உள்ள பெண்களின் துன்பங்கள பார்க்காம ் பெண் உரிமை பேசுவதா? சாடுகிறார பிரியாணி குணரத்னபோ ினால்...

Posted by DaveManDumb @ 09/26/2012 02:21 AM GMT-5
wash - a lyrical mess
wash the dirt off little boygo have some fun in the sundon't play too longfor in the evening she comeswash your hands before you sitguilty soul's irrelevanttake your time but don't be lateand don't you dare start to strayas you sit you bow your headbring your hands up to your chestpray...

Posted by lonely gigolo @ 09/16/2012 01:42 AM GMT0
uma vez que a Blog Drive fez o favor de impossibilitar, de vez, o uso de acentos graficos e pontuacao estranhos a toda e qualquer lingua, que nao o ingles, este blog tera continuidade aqui. espero que aqueles (ainda que, presumo, poucos) que me acompanhavam me acompanhem tambem nesta migracao....

Posted by Nikkii @ 08/21/2012 05:15 PM GMT1
Hæ Bryndís
Ég kann ekki á þetta!

Posted by maridor @ 08/03/2012 02:18 PM GMT7
It's ok....
For sure, I am way better than her... For sure, I am more beautiful than her... For sure, I am way, way, smarter than her... For sure, I deserve someone better... For sure, there's a reason for everything...

Posted by A.Decay @ 07/30/2012 08:53 PM GMT-7
a last embrace
a sweet slumber destroyed by hima horror fills me from my toes to my face. the creaking of a door a tapping at my window.i know he is near.awoken in a dream like haze the monster creeps closer his chill upon my facehis burning touch paralyzes me i cant escape.i stare into a glare with no face...

Posted by conFuso @ 05/21/2012 03:05 PM GMT0
mesmo este o teu nome?
se um ourio fechado matar a minha moaberta, se uma granha de uva ferir o cuda minha boca em labor de alimentao,se uma lasca de madeira velha magoar osmeus olhos insuficientes, querida, prometoferir-te as costas e morder-te os cotovelosat os lenis  te arderem nas costelas echorares com...

Posted by DrEaMcAtChEr @ 02/21/2012 11:06 PM GMT8
why hello there, old blog. it's been a long time since we last saw each other. hope you're all right. even though i have found other places to throw mindless garbage and baggage around you're still the one the first and nothing will ever change that.

Posted by toiluna @ 12/16/2011 01:26 AM GMT-6
ang toio at ang tula
Ang tagal ko nang hindi nagsusulat waah J   Bukod sa marami akong rason at dahilan kung bakit walang isang patak man lang ng tula ang nanggagaling sa akin, hindi talaga ako magaling humiwalay sa tula.  Hindi talaga ako eksperto sa kung paano magparaya ng...


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