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Posted by Earl Gray Pencil @ 09/19/2015 02:58 PM GMT-8
That Touch of Change
Tea can be fun to play with. Don't worry about what your mothers said. It's okay to play with your food... sometimes. I love a good cup of English Breakfast, but it's an easy tea to burn out on. After three straight mornings of English Breakfast, one craves something different, but when that's all...

Posted by alantreed @ 09/06/2015 04:15 PM GMT-5
Memoirs of a Mountain Man
        ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;   Dedicated to my Grand Children and Barbara Bryant, who encouraged me to write...

Posted by Love Power @ 09/02/2015 05:07 PM GMT-8
Good news
Dear Customer ....!! I will back doing my blog: other blog too. let go ....!! This year memories ....!!

Posted by thomassabo8569 @ 08/03/2015 08:17 PM GMT-8
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Posted by firewiredartist @ 06/29/2015 03:39 AM GMT-8
still here
rekindling the creative fire

Posted by Nataniel Costard @ 04/22/2015 01:27 PM GMT-3
Benedictus cum avus
No me impresiono el Teatro Col√≥n de Buenos Aires. Tantos a√Īos oyendo hablar de el, de su magnifica acustica, de su arquitectura, de su importancia. Sin embargo me resulto un teatro con complejo de inferioridad, un teatro de nuevo rico, recargado de cuanto afeite le cupiera, como los estantes de...

Posted by Destinoinevitable @ 03/23/2015 05:17 AM GMT-3
Toda la felicidad que experimenta mi corazón al recibir la afirmación como respuesta a aquella pregunta que mantenía mis sentimientos aferrados al miedo, tambien es proporcional al miedo que se potencia pese a esta nueva seguridad que debería sentir; en lugar de mantener mas firme mi...

Posted by bicara mustika @ 02/26/2015 05:30 AM GMT1
9th day - 35w1d
It's the 9th day been warded for placenta previa level 3. Will have another 3 weeks before I could actually meet this little creature in my belly.... However, I'm quite nervous to undergo the c-sect. Yes a bit disappointed coz I can't have a normal delivery. I always believe that natural system...

Posted by circus @ 02/23/2015 07:38 PM GMT-8
I'm tired and bored of life right now. Maybe I need more medication to settle myself down. I can't seem to be content anymore. When I was hospitalized, I was actually happier because I slept most of the time. The nurses put me to sleep with several shots. I used to be happy from ages 18-23 years....

Posted by Radha BBF @ 02/05/2015 02:42 AM GMT9
Insya-Allah, akan datang 2015


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