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Posted by heavenhell @ 02/22/2004 05:47 AM GMT0
Como me gustan las fiestas,hacia tiempo que no me divertia de verdad y bueno tambien hacia mucho que no estaba con toda mi familia urbana de fiesta todos juntos hechaba de menos estos momentos.Hoy habia una fiesta de disfrazes en casa de la julia y a ido toda la peņa incluso a ido el axel al que...

Posted by MunKeyz Blogger! @ 02/04/2004 12:31 PM GMT-5
Srry bout no updates
Hey!!! I've got a xanga/livejournal and this so for more recent updates Click here to go to my xanga. You want an update about P'Big click here to go to my P'Big  xanga or Email me here... His conditions has gotten better he is aware of his suroundings and reacts to light and sound. Pray...

Posted by fOOd @ 01/29/2004 07:48 PM GMT-8
yeas...lina's at my house today..nuttin really happend...ok...bye!

Posted by Ninety-One Days @ 01/24/2004 08:13 AM GMT-5
DAY 3: It's gonna be a long morning
Well it's morning...early in the morning. My head is a little bit outta it, but whatev. As you can probably guess, I didn't have the night that I thought I would, otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here on my computer at eight in the morning. I could tell you, that I'm writing this while the extra...

Posted by daiLy thouGhts @ 01/14/2004 01:30 PM GMT-8
lets see earlier i went to my aunts shop then i got my manicure.. then kenneth called me up asking if i wanted for him to come on sat .. of course ... im trying to look something online to get for my dad! haha its almost his bday feb1st ... his friends are gonna throw him a big party then me and...

Posted by corrosian @ 12/30/2003 06:22 AM GMT-3
a que ponto cheguei

Posted by Dommcvay99 @ 12/24/2003 06:49 PM GMT-5
h-h-holy shit
i havent made an "entry" in god knows how long. Been so busy with soccer, school, whatnot, and i just didnt feel like posting any ish in herrre. Anyways im pretty bored ,........ dunno what im getting for x-mas , hopefully a cell or money, but knowing my dumb ass parents probably like socks or some...

Posted by cben992 @ 12/13/2003 01:06 PM GMT-8
December 13, 2003 has been quite awhile. As i predicted in the first journal, i knew that i would end up neglecting this thing, and then coming back in some mad rush and trying to update four weeks worth of the usual bullshit into one journal. Then again, i guess it was...

Posted by viXy @ 12/10/2003 03:37 PM GMT-8
i got a job!  i'm now a student assitant accountant & a tutor. 

Posted by goshabuddhist @ 12/08/2003 05:38 PM GMT0
I'm quoting below the whole of a letter by Arnold Wesker to the Guardian because I don't think it would be fair to comment on it otherwise. No doubt if the Guardian or Arnold Wesker want it removed they will tell me.From: The GuardianSaturday December 6, 2003Anti-Israel equals/does not equal...


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