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Posted by Steve-os Blog @ 01/12/2005 07:45 PM GMT-5
im getting a car!!!!oh yeah exams....well that kinda ruined it
hell yeah im getting a car....a 92 ford explorer dark green....but exams are tomorrow...that kinda sux.but hey its ok cause after the exams we can just get up and do a happy dance and fart in the teachers face...ok maybe not but hey...worth a sucks my left nut.

Posted by notícias nalanda @ 09/14/2004 06:01 PM GMT-3
Novidades no ar
Estamos de cara nova! Nossa homepage mudou, nosso blog mudou! Visando tornar a navegação da homepage do Nalanda mais fácil e dinâmica, integrando-a também com nosso Blog, mudamos a cara de nosso site. Agradecimentos para o grande trabalho da designer Patrícia, responsável pela reformulação de todo...

Posted by lily pads @ 07/01/2004 12:01 AM GMT-5
for awhile now i have had a fear of dieing, and its directly related to a fear of getting older. it scares me to think that i have an inevitability ahead of me, and, i dont know when that fate will be relized. worrying about it makes no diffrence. i think im just going to spend more time...

Posted by Military Faries @ 05/28/2004 02:56 PM GMT-8
Ha! You are a golden pig rachel!!!

Posted by Intermagen @ 04/23/2004 09:09 AM GMT11
buenas y malas nuevas-.-
Lo bueno : Nos cambiamos de oficina. Lo Malo: Nos sacamos la $·&% cargando archivadores, computadoras, cartones, cajones y demas...%$%$ que tenia intermagen. Y como que nadie se dio cuanta que Andres llegaba solo por segundos, el man se la saco como los toreros. Lo feo: No nos...

Posted by The Morning Star @ 04/08/2004 11:15 PM GMT-5
My Coco
"My Coco" Cool my brains and soothe my head Stimulate me my Co-co-co Sneak into my empty bed And educate me my Co-co-co In the summer in the spring In public places my Co-co-co On an island far away Lemonade me my Co-co-co And when I was down and failing life You can't save me my...

Posted by A look inside @ 03/26/2004 01:46 PM GMT-7
On the road
well, tomorrow i am going to AZ for the weekend. some party for one of my dad's relatives. it should be a productive weekend for me because i hope to get some school work done (yes i know i said school work). i also hope to get a chance to drive around down there for a little bit. i still have not...

Posted by Red Star @ 03/15/2004 09:54 PM GMT-8
so you say its over mr bond?
no one even reads this thing any more

Posted by Pomplemousse @ 03/12/2004 01:45 PM GMT-6
a boring, technical, purely self interested entry
I got home from work about midnight and had one mission: to make a really cool song on the 4 track using my new sampler. i got the coolest bassline sample from my dads old Buddy Miles record. Its a kind of relaxed funk/groove/soul bass line, simple as hell. then i sampled this drum beat from an...

Posted by `.+p¡nký.wåwä+.` @ 02/24/2004 04:49 AM GMT-6
`.+ fann ahh +.`
hais.duNno wadd he thinkin.. i wholee daee neber c0rr him le tiLl just n0w whennn i reachh h0me..denn tokk less den 10 minss lorhs.. suann le ba >.<~ like wadd his away msg is.. we r driftin apart.. wadd shldd i do? i realli dunNo.. =( it's mOii faultt but i as0oo duNno y i treatt...


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