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Posted by Adventures in Meh @ 05/24/2004 08:07 PM GMT-7
El Endo
Now....I've seen a lot of blog entries about the endo of school...Albert is blabbering on about how he has powers and the endo of school hasn't hit him...K is being aggressivly retarted, I much emotion.......It almost made me care...but not even close. Dani's just........being...

Posted by Taylor Tremendous @ 04/28/2004 05:12 PM GMT-7
grave of the fire flys
In the movies the director and animaters took so much time to just recognize things that are not very important. some of the detailed parts of the movie that I noticed are. when the leaf falls of the tree and land in the water and makes the water rings in the water when saita and setsuco were...

Posted by jagirl @ 04/22/2004 06:17 PM GMT-6
so damn true
How true is this I'm so tired of being here. Suppressed by all my childhood fears. And if you have to leave, I wish that you would just leave. Cause your presence still lingers here, and it won't leave me alone. These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just too real, there's just...

Posted by Rhiannon's Daily @ 04/19/2004 09:04 AM GMT-5
My Quit Smoking Day
I've taken a shower and slapped on a Nicoderm CQ patch. Now I'm off to get irritated in morning traffic, pissed off because I cannot get the shipping materials I need, and then take my mother in for her mammogram. Doesn't sound like a good day to quit. Wish me luck!!

Posted by Flora @ 04/15/2004 01:00 PM GMT0
Endless Beauty
   To the most beautiful Woman I have ever known...       ;      ;      ;  ...

Posted by Confessions... @ 04/06/2004 10:54 AM GMT-5
Condoleeza Rice
Being a white southern male, I must agree that we need both a minority...and a female president. One that all races,sexes,religions,..and so on and so forth...could agree upon. It would be a unifying factor for our nation, and would qell some of the chatter around the woprld that we don't practice...

Posted by Dear WitchMama @ 03/26/2004 07:24 AM GMT-5
Make Some Money
 THE MOST EXCITING NEWS, happening at, is at the University! As I promised, WitchMama University is undergoing some wonderful expansions.  Our Standard E-Mail classes are still available, and the new system has made them better then ever.  The new class listing page...

Posted by the life of me @ 03/15/2004 08:43 PM GMT-6
Random thoughts
HIa-- yesterday was my best friend b-day.. Pretty cool she's 16- me not yet.. I was on my hot mail thing and it said get lusher grass.. I kinda wish I had grass to make lusher.. I don't have any grass.. Maybe like the little 2ft x 2ft Sq of grass but that's all.. and really its not mine it the...

Posted by lifes assortment @ 03/08/2004 07:17 PM GMT-5
pistol smoke
Well, here it is a long time since my last blog... hmm..  wellm this is what's happened... shit went down the drain .. lol... other than that.. ym fucking computer sucks and i have been spending the last 6 days trying to fix it.. well.. fixed the comp in a few hours.. but i've been trying...

Posted by belladonnasmyst @ 03/08/2004 11:01 AM GMT-7
Nothing soothing here
Fire is all great and wonderful and all for protection and banishing, and giving courage, which is one thing I still really need right now, as the events over the last few days have been, hectic... I have come to find out that this big chnage was not leading me to where I thought it was though....


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