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Posted by Firedemon617 @ 11/10/2004 03:23 AM GMT-5
The last blog anyway
ive moved to xanga. no one reads this anyway.

Posted by Moral Depletion @ 11/01/2004 08:55 PM GMT-5
scratch that entry
not the Aahh one but the one before it. i think this year is going to be really good. i feel very very happy right now. i'm not gonna post on this anymore because i'm through with everything on it. :-) sorry, but this journals dead. bye

Posted by random @ 10/18/2004 06:08 PM GMT-5
There lies the golden tassles...
I often fantasize that i'm a stripper... but only in my bathroom. I wish i could make a ball of ice with blue fire inside. It'd look cool. I got new stuff: Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics Preludes and Nocturnes- Vol. 1 The Doll House- Vol. 2 Games: Bloodrayne 2 It better...

Posted by Salem's Window @ 08/16/2004 01:02 AM GMT-5
I don't shine like I used to...
Take me     Break me     Shake me     Make me     Watch me fake this     Watch me break you Broken like me    &nbs p;Take me to the beautiful   &nb sp; Kill...

Posted by SUperK @ 07/05/2004 09:48 PM GMT-8
NO Shining Armour
I need someone to hold my hand. I need someone to understand. I need someone to help me up I need someone who'll see what's up. I need someone to make me laugh. I need someone to who's not my half. I need someone equal to me. I need someone to with whom I can be. I...

Posted by Freedom @ 07/03/2004 08:17 AM GMT-8
Mental Freedom and our Future
I'm concerned about the future mental health - and future mental freedom - of the individual citizens of the US. The mass psychotropic drugging of schoolchildren, women, and other sectors of society have been long distressing to me. Recent mental health bills have made my fear even more...

Posted by Aira_Draven @ 06/05/2004 03:48 AM GMT-5
The Funeral of Hearts
Well I'm sorry everyone I haven't been posting on this journal as much since I got one at Live journal now. Http:// ers/Aira_Draven/ I think thats the right link, Hopefully it is... Anyways all the stuff you've been missing will be in that journal. I've decided that if you want...

Posted by My Paradisium @ 05/29/2004 07:41 PM GMT2
3rd entry.
Dear Grace,Well. Its been a year, hasn't it. Started out with almost no goals, made it to the middle with a list way too long, and you're ending with very few again. Maybe its that you don't want to expect things of yourself and / or of others, or maybe it's that you don't want to let yourself aim...

Posted by Adventures in Meh @ 05/24/2004 08:07 PM GMT-7
El Endo
Now....I've seen a lot of blog entries about the endo of school...Albert is blabbering on about how he has powers and the endo of school hasn't hit him...K is being aggressivly retarted, I much emotion.......It almost made me care...but not even close. Dani's just........being...

Posted by Taylor Tremendous @ 04/28/2004 05:12 PM GMT-7
grave of the fire flys
In the movies the director and animaters took so much time to just recognize things that are not very important. some of the detailed parts of the movie that I noticed are. when the leaf falls of the tree and land in the water and makes the water rings in the water when saita and setsuco were...


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