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Posted by The Nightingale @ 06/01/2006 04:05 PM GMT-8
Human Rights
I'm interested in building a blog to promote Human Rights.  This area is sadly neglected on this planet.  People pay it lip service, but they don't do anything about it.  Have you seen the film Hotel Rwanda?  It's a story of the seamy underbelly of what passes as Human Rights on...

Posted by Qalb-ila-Qalb @ 09/12/2006 12:20 PM GMT8
Istiqamah daya kekuatan Muslim laksana tuntutan Islam Oleh Mohd Shukri Hanapi ISTIQAMAH secara umumnya bermaksud menumpukan komitmen untuk melaksanakan sesuatu perkara dengan penuh konsisten dan kesungguhan. Istiqamah adalah sikap terpuji yang perlu diamalkan oleh setiap individu...

Posted by Three-Eight Susan @ 04/24/2006 09:47 PM GMT8
這篇是國文課的作業因為太久沒新 增了就把自傳貼在這了* * * * *...

Posted by 2006 AutoShow @ 01/08/2006 10:51 AM GMT-5
MotorCityArts 2006 International Autoshow Back to the ShowRoom

Posted by eyeforaneye @ 11/05/2005 02:05 PM GMT-5
Life's complications and frustrations They disappear when the music starts playing
i can't believe how much has changed and it hasn't even been a year... i can't believe it hasn't been a year since i last cut. i thought it had been a lot longer ... only two days off. They disappear when the music starts playing new blog: ers/b0rn2be/ i can't...

Posted by salafiyyin @ 10/06/2005 03:05 AM GMT7
Bergegas Berangkat Sholat Jum`at
Bergegas Berangkat Sholat Jum`at    Pada hari jum`at para malaikat, para malaikat berdiri di pintu-pintu masjid, mencatat orang yang pertama datang kemudian yang pertama. Perumpamaan orang yang bergegas datang sholat jum`at seperti orang yang onta yang digemukkan, setelahnya seperti...

Posted by GothicVampire @ 09/23/2005 03:57 PM GMT-6
This is my new online journal/blog I won't be using this one anymore except for on rare's been a good blog for 3 years...but now I moved on to my other one at xanga, it's 3 years old to, but I'm actually writing in that one now. This one is Jarrett's how...

Posted by i_love_jesus @ 07/29/2005 03:26 PM GMT-6
Its Been Good
Due to the circumstances in my life at this point in time ( I am taking leave from this blog. I am not sure if it will be permanent. But atleast for a while. I am moving, and I now have a job, among other things that will get in the way. Not that Ive been doing a good job...

Posted by not gone yet... @ 05/26/2005 06:44 PM GMT-6
not gone yet

Posted by Writing Right @ 05/21/2005 05:06 PM GMT-8
How Tom Cruise solved his learning disability
Did you know that Tom Cruise used to suffer from a learning disability? Luckily, he did not go down the dark path of psychiatry which attempts to solve educational problems with drugs (remember the hippies?) Instead, he found a technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard which taught him the cause of...


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