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Posted by Pflanzenblog @ 06/24/2009 06:13 PM GMT-8
Scientology in France Mobilized for Human Rights dEntry({ }, { button:true, offsetLeft: -300 } ); ShareThis Members of Scientology churches and missions throughout France are making human rights a fact. Scientology churches and missions in...

Posted by Tarot Readings @ 04/19/2009 10:18 AM GMT-5
Today's Daily Reading
I'm going to try to get back into doing and posting my daily readings - it's been a long while since I have. I keep getting caught up in work and forget to take the time for myself and my practice.So, today's reading is a simple 3 card one of what the day has in store for me:Queen of Wands -...

Posted by raidflare @ 02/16/2009 07:45 AM GMT-5
Los Chavistas y el mundo de Warcraft.
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Posted by PeNuT's Journal @ 08/27/2008 09:56 PM GMT-8
Pretty stuffs.
Mood: (YAY) Music: None.   About time for some of my current favorite pretty girls I've seen around the internet:     Anyways, how cute are THEY?  I have my own house.  I have my own SHIT.  I'm happy, I'm working, but I almost died in a car crash, where I...

Posted by STEPS @ 10/28/2007 10:55 PM GMT7
*sigh*... cuman ingin highlight aja dikit, bukan nge-highlight rambut gue maksudnya, tapi cuma sekelumit mengenai awal suatu perjalanan yang dimulai sepuluh tahun yang lalu.  A decade already *sigh again*... It was started somewhere in October 1997. Beberapa waktu sebelumnya gua baru aja...

Posted by TempleofIsis @ 03/25/2007 08:40 AM GMT-5
Feeling the connection...
There are times when I feel like I have experienced something that is hard to put into words. This is one of those times. I have been studying "The Master Key of Success" which is one of the works "The Secret" was based upon (and is available for free download from their site at

Posted by Baguio Below @ 03/10/2007 07:32 PM GMT7
I didn't think it would be this painful. I'm leaving blogdrive. My new url is I'll be posting some of my entries from this blog over at the new site. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Posted by Letters to Kalki @ 12/29/2006 02:19 PM GMT6.5
a missionary effort?
O Light That Shineth in Darkness, Which Comprehendeth It Not: For some time I have wondered if the obvious moral and spiritual vacuity of America might be ameliorated somewhat by our sending in missionaries, to educate the poor unenlightened masses here, and ease them out of the hole they have...

Posted by aenonima @ 09/20/2006 04:39 PM GMT-7
This is a title
Ha.  I need to get out of this cubicle.  I saw the sigma sign in the format bar above and thought I could insert a formula into this here blog.  haha. Ok, so I've been blogging on Myspace for the last year or so (ok's only fake and plastic if you choose to let it be...

Posted by The Nightingale @ 06/01/2006 04:05 PM GMT-8
Human Rights
I'm interested in building a blog to promote Human Rights.  This area is sadly neglected on this planet.  People pay it lip service, but they don't do anything about it.  Have you seen the film Hotel Rwanda?  It's a story of the seamy underbelly of what passes as Human Rights on...


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