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Posted by tobygirlisme @ 10/19/2009 11:16 PM GMT-6
Wow, once again its been a long time.  I have so much to say and so little time.  Well yesterday was Tiki's 21st birthday.  How many years have passed since I began this blog?  Far too many....  I have grown old and distant.  I don't care much for my fellow man, but...

Posted by painHappy @ 10/16/2009 06:55 AM GMT-8
import*; class triangle { public static InputStreamReader reader = new InputStreamReader (; public static BufferedReader input= new BufferedReader (reader); public static void main (String[]args) throws Exception { int p; //working variable for counting ng...

Posted by Little Light @ 08/07/2009 01:31 PM GMT8
growing up online
there was a time when i didn't care what i put online. i said anything i wanted to say. i ranted, told everyone my dreams, and poured my heart out. i even wrote my love letters on my blogs for all the world to see. i was an open book. then came a time when i realized that there had to...

Posted by Out of Africa @ 02/02/2009 08:54 AM GMT3
sms recvd (at 10.30 pm) : is israel correct in attacking gaza? we are 61% against 39% in poll on cnn. please vote and help our brothers, this is the least we can do. sms sent : who are you and do you belong to any of these countries? caller : riyaz bhai? me : firstly you are...

Posted by macdouglasblog @ 12/09/2008 09:14 PM GMT-6
tired from tires
im working 6 days a week now, working with tires and working hard to a degree in tirology. i have the supreme duties of taking wheels off cars, removing the tire from the rim, cleaning the rim, fixing valve stems, lubing a new tire, and putting said new tire on the rim - balancing that shit with a...

Posted by Life's Menagerie @ 12/03/2008 04:22 PM GMT-5
Prop 8- The Musical
See more Jack Black videos at Funny or DieObamanation!

Posted by Hexankraxa @ 05/26/2008 07:56 AM GMT1
Katungarna mm mm
Allt gick  jätte bra med kattungarna,4 stycken har fått nya fina familjeren behöll vi själva, Toulouse en underbar liten busig kille,söt så man smälter och när han inte busar är han världens goaste,kryper tätt intill när man sitter i soffan och kollar på tv.Han kör rätt hårt med både sin...

Posted by taijiyamonogatari @ 01/22/2008 10:04 AM GMT-5
<b>Blogging for Choice</b>
Why do I vote pro-choice?   Because I believe in the right to privacy, and there is nothing more private than the intimate functions of one's own body.  Because there is no more important decision that a woman can make than when, or whether, she will become a mother. Because no...

Posted by Kookykat @ 01/08/2008 01:12 PM GMT-8
Welcome 2008
I would like to re-introduce myself by resurrecting my blog of 4 year. If you are reading this, please be reminded that soetime ago, I added you or you added yourselves in my mailing list. This isn't spam. But if you think otherwise now, my apologies-you may leave the room quietly just close the...

Posted by Menjadi Manusia @ 09/06/2007 09:38 PM GMT7
Sekuel XIX Kumpulan Puisi "From Wheat to Bread"
THE WHEAT AND THE BREAD What does the wheat know of the bread For the bread is far ahead. It once was wheat and then flour, The rising dough but for an hour, Baked by the heat of the fire Purged its dross, ascended higher; Now the bread knows its fate To be consumed not too late. ...


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