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Posted by CAFFiend @ 01/21/2011 10:13 PM GMT8
Cushy Job
Some people think I have a cushy job. On the contrary, being a full time ligitation lawyer is no cushy job at all, I can't even say it's even a tad bit cushy. Some of my peers can give a rough estimate on how much time they devote to litigation advocacy. Some of them say their practice is about 60%...

Posted by Astral Awareness @ 10/02/2010 10:35 PM GMT-8
A Matter of Mind
The Mind Matter connection.

Posted by KeirKeiBlog @ 09/27/2010 11:50 PM GMT1
Why should you consider subliminal affirmation software?
Subliminal affirmation software are what we refer to as computer programs that create either a visual or audio representation of your affirmations. The visual affirmations are displayed using a screen saver like tool, the only difference is that you don't see the messages flashing on the...

Posted by Spiritual Freedom @ 09/21/2010 08:29 PM GMT-7
Immortal Dream Bleeding
An earthbound soulfeels too alonewhen far away from one's true homeRaped, brokenScarred and bruisedHard to be youngand so abusedA family life confuses respectto blend control games with neglectWhere no one really knows youor even caresWhen you're inconvenient to their affairsYou're not whatever...

Posted by gian @ 08/28/2010 12:25 PM GMT8
My Cousin.. Turns out to be The most loved by all in the Universe in a Night
  If you're not glued to your TV sets you might be missing this story.  About a girl I barely recall as a small kid in a quet countryside playing with her older sister.  Barely 4 feet this small girl hay nice tan complexion, ordinary hair and well a pair set of eyes that is...

Posted by A Christian blog @ 06/28/2010 08:23 PM GMT-8
New Testament Christianity
A study in New Testament Christianity:  Visit m/newtestamentchristianity&nbs p;for a FREE Bible study on the subject of "New Testament Christianity."    

Posted by Revamping Jinx @ 06/21/2010 08:53 PM GMT-6
A New Chapter
It's been awhile. Or maybe, more accurately, a long time in coming. I decided last time I wrote that enough was enough. No more whining here. I can't stand the sound of it in my own head anymore, so I won't inflict it on anyone else anymore. Today, I did something I've wanted to do, meant to...

Posted by meanderings @ 03/12/2010 10:28 AM GMT0
Long Live the Queen...
Ba ck to the blogosphere for's been quite a while, but I sometimes feel that I need to express myself more than a 2-3 sentence facebook status update allows  and I fear that online communication is going the way of the illiterate and attention deficit world...

Posted by My Journey @ 02/28/2010 12:25 AM GMT-5
Peace Upon Thee
We found out today that our lovey neighbor, Mrs. M. D. passed away on Monday the 22nd of Feb. Gloria, the news saddened us. Mrs. D, you lead a good life; a postive life; and set a great example to my family and, of course, yours. Gloria that you were able to reach and touch so many. That my dear...

Posted by VaniPriSe @ 02/03/2010 01:47 PM GMT7
Sick, Old, Die.
The realities of life are: we get sick, we get old, we die.As humankind is generally aversed to suffering, perhaps the solutions for such are: be healthy, growld gracefully, embrace a saving grace.What can money purchase? Just the first, probably. Eating healthily, i.e. in right portions, dabbling...


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