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Posted by Not My Church @ 09/27/2015 06:42 PM GMT-6
Viva Papa Francisco!
If I taught Sunday School this morning, I would have focused on the US visit of Pope Francis. In recent modern history, the Roman Catholic Church has not had a great reputation. They have been generally perceived as "irrelevant" and a barrier to progress on social issues. However,...

Posted by Ramblings @ 07/29/2015 03:47 AM GMT8
A life to emulate - Dr APJ Andul Kalam
I dont like writing obituaries. I will make an exception. India lost one if its greatest sons - Dr Abdul Kalam. To measure greatness, one has to look at what the person achieved to put India on the frontiers of excellence and how they inspired. On both counts, managing the missile programs of...

Posted by Pastor Ted's Blog @ 06/28/2015 06:17 PM GMT-5

Posted by My Labyrinth Mind @ 06/26/2015 03:27 PM GMT-6
Life Stories of a Shorty- Firestarter
At the naive and fearless age of five...Chilling in the living room some time after midnight and the household was snoring...Watching the projection box projecting images of Shirley Temple twisting twirlingA frost bitten breeze roughens my skin and crystallizes my snotA simple cover should...

Posted by KathaPantas @ 05/17/2015 03:35 AM GMT-8
Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 THE OLIGARCHY QUESTION   Erle Frayne D. Argonza   What should the nation do to the oligarchs? Remember that the constitution and strengthening of the...

Posted by Legendary Mind @ 04/14/2015 03:52 PM GMT-8
Facing The Shadow Self
The Left Hand PathWe are living a lie ignoring the power in overcoming darkness within ourselves. Death by all means is the mother of darkness, just as life is the father of light. By accepting death as your ally you now become one with it. Reaching beyond any normal man’s understanding...

Posted by Code Painter @ 02/22/2015 04:44 PM GMT-6
   A child stands alone at the foot of a grave, tears streaming down his face. He doesn't fully comprehend the meaning of his loss or of the profound struggle waiting for him.  He is frozen in time, eyes fixed, with only one question on his lips:  ...

Posted by jiebam @ 10/14/2014 10:42 AM GMT6
slip disk
Aku terpanggil untuk menulis kembali blog ni setelah sekian lama ditinggalkan usang.pada penghujung bulan july 2014 aku telah menjalani pembedahan slip disk Lb4 ,pada 11.10.14 aku dimasukkan kembali ke wad wad akibat sakit yg sama tp aku merasainya lebih teruk pd yg awal kena.aku akan dibedah...

Posted by Bharani @ 10/10/2014 11:52 AM GMT-7
Time stands still
Time stands still when you look in my eyesWith twinkling joy and yet just nothingness fills meTime stands still when you act out your pranksWith sheer abandon and yet charm fills meTime stands still when you dance and falterWith little tiny feet and yet energy fills meTime stands still when you...

Posted by hdrmax @ 08/09/2014 04:06 PM GMT-8
50's films
I like 50's films that are in black and white, but Beyond The Time Barrier is a favorite of mine. Mostly, it is a time travel movie. It is suppose to take place in the future after a nuclear war.


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