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Posted by Energy and Vibes @ 08/01/2017 11:32 PM GMT-8
Energy and Vibes Come here for all your spirituality items and needs. Feedback and support appreciated. We look to spread positive energy, vibes and frequencies to our surroundings through spiritualized items in our store.

Posted by Henry @ 06/21/2017 11:07 AM GMT-8
Fast forward 12 years
Been a while since I blogged here. They actually disabled my account. Can you imagine? Only twelve years.... Perhaps I didn't blog much because I think that during the Obama years we had it good: understanding, intelligent president, lost of government transparency, and progress on things...

Posted by preacher314 @ 03/24/2017 07:09 PM GMT-6
And He began to tell the people this parable ... (Luke 20:9a). Read Luke 20:9-19 The representatives of the Jewish high court have been humiliated in front of the crowd. They just want to slink back to the high priest's house, but Jesus isn't done with them yet. Since they won't...

Posted by What Dreams... @ 02/08/2017 10:46 PM GMT-6
Dream from 2010
It was late twilight. The sun had dipped below the horizon. I was driving down West IH-10 along the access road, inside 1604. Passing hear the area after Hausman. I'm driving to someone's house, Kim or Michael's, I'm not sure. Michael, Lauryn, Deanna and Josh are all waiting for me there. I'm late,...

Posted by emptyvessel @ 05/06/2016 03:21 PM GMT-6
Roses and Hurricanes
Full disclosure: I'm slightly three sheets to the wind but I will endeavor to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors. I was discussing this with my sister not too long ago: you know how you're fine with A, B, and C on any given day? But then there's one day out of maybe a thousand where A, B,...

Posted by Taoblog @ 03/18/2016 03:29 AM GMT1
Wenn ich mein Feuer kontrolliere, geht es aus. Freie Energie wird zum Wildfeuer.
Ich muss mehr zulassen, ich kontrolliere noch immer.Es scheint mir, dass ich mein ganzes Leben lang mich kontrolliert habe und dass ich es nie so weit habe kommen lassen, dass mein Leben wild wird, aus Angst vor Wildheit. Das ist normal, denn so bin ich erzogen worden.Doch die Existenz will mich...

Posted by kebingungan @ 02/09/2016 11:43 PM GMT7
The 5 types of toxic narcissists at work
You hear the narcissist label used quite a lot these days—in ordinary conversation, in news articles, on television. Most people use the word to describe men and women who think a little too well of...

Posted by ManusiaBiasa @ 02/09/2016 05:54 AM GMT-8
Untuk dapat menikmati hidup, hal terpenting yang perlu Anda lakukan adalah menjadi SADAR. Inti kepemimpinan adalah kesadaran. Inti spiritualitas juga adalah kesadaran. Banyak orang yang menjalani hidup ini dalam keadaan ''tertidur.' ' Mereka lahir, tumbuh, menikah, mencari nafkah,...

Posted by happy reading @ 01/30/2016 03:33 AM GMT1
Tao ist das Gleichgewicht von Innen und Aussen
Carl Gustav Jung teilte die Menschen generell in zwei Typen ein: Die Introvertierten und die Extrovertierten. Diese Einteilung ist unzutreffend. Die Menschen koennen nicht so kategorisiert werden. Die Menschen koennen nicht in diese Schubladen gesteckt werden. Kein Mensch kann nur...

Posted by 1Spiritinmotion @ 11/06/2015 11:22 PM GMT-8
Right Desire
~*~*~Inseparable is the blending of the higher invisible spheres with the visible. Therefore, comprehend the indivisibility of our life. The Breath of Cosmos is immutable in everything. The manifestation of planetary periods depends on cosmic waves; therefore, those who deny the link...


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