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Posted by Neopatria @ 11/25/2008 07:50 AM GMT0
<h1>“Rick” parla</h1>
Entrevista a un agent del Mossad, Michael Ross (un pseudònim és clar): Interview…, feta per DRZZ i recomanada per Menapress.Les Iraniens sont passés maître dans l’art de dissimuler leurs activités à la communauté internationale. Depuis des années maintenant, ils se jouent de l’Agence Internationale...

Posted by Funky 105 @ 08/01/2006 10:54 AM GMT-5
Oh, by the way, I'm sort of thinking that this blog looks...well...ugh. So I may be performing some surgery on it soon, which may or may not involve a name change as well. Just thought I should let you know, so that when you come back and find a lime green background with hot pink text and images...

Posted by MetalGod @ 02/01/2006 01:42 PM GMT-6
The time of the oat...
Ya pues, se la pelaron     Ya estoy hasta la verga de blogdrive... por tal motivo, este se va a quedar abandonado... le voy a seguir en la dirección que puse arriba Necesitaba algo diferente... ya hacía falta un cambio... Así que yo ya estoy con los de...

Posted by ~GeNeViEvE~ @ 10/15/2004 12:27 AM GMT-8
Worst day
Today was like the worst day ever ok i wanted to go home b/c i riped someting and like i didn't feel good than i asked me mom and shes like ya your failing anyways so it wouln't make a diffrence and she was being a bitch to me and telling me that im nothing and that i never will be and she cant...

Posted by Mellie*Bean @ 05/23/2004 07:04 PM GMT-5
I ... hate ... life. everyone should rot in [hell]..

Posted by Alixzanora @ 01/31/2004 10:18 PM GMT-8
How do you feel today? Why do you ask me something so gay? Do you see the sad expression on my face? Does it really look like I'm having a great day? Sometimes I feel  I could vanish without a trace, And noone would have a tear on there face. Hearing that I just up and left, No...

Posted by ChrisTmas @ 01/04/2004 05:32 PM GMT-8
lazy lazy lazy lazy.
hmm, today, i woke up and read.then, i went to super walmart and these homosexual kept hitting on me. they were like "hey ma, come over here" and then they said "give me your number, you know you want to get wit dis". so i gave them the finger. they were wrong, i didn't want to "get with that"....

Posted by K-man's Quips @ 12/24/2003 09:33 AM GMT-8
We must win this battle
Google Projects I thought I'd test out this new way of posting and join this google test at An Englishman's Castle. <a href="'>http://clinton.senate. gov"> Miserable Failure</a>

Posted by WhiteKidsAreUs @ 09/08/2003 07:36 PM GMT-5
atreyu oldschool yo
yea well this song i am hearing is crazy, it atreyu old school on there album visions, and im in a emo mood for some reason, im busting out hidden in plain view eww and senses fail and rx bandits, but it feel s good........i dont got the lyrics to this song but its sweeetfirst day of school sucked,...


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