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Posted by imannuelivan @ 02/27/2016 05:15 PM GMT7
I shall tread softly
I shall tread softly, dear,on your dream.If you dream big, my dear, and dream more.I can tread far and farther and take you with me.But please be careful with your dream, my dearlest it becomes too weak, too narrow, to bear.Yes, dear, I shall tread softly on your dream and mine.

Posted by God Dependent @ 02/27/2016 01:02 AM GMT8
The Identity That Matters
I feel prompted to write something to the Christian out there so here goes:What is your identity right now? What defines you or better, what is the most important definition of yourself? Are you a doctor? A professor? A C.E.O of a large business? A Star in the entertainment industry? While all...

Posted by 1Spiritinmotion @ 11/06/2015 11:22 PM GMT-8
Right Desire
~*~*~Inseparable is the blending of the higher invisible spheres with the visible. Therefore, comprehend the indivisibility of our life. The Breath of Cosmos is immutable in everything. The manifestation of planetary periods depends on cosmic waves; therefore, those who deny the link...

Posted by how2findlove @ 08/19/2015 06:08 PM GMT-8
Is Acceptance The Answer To All Your Problems?
If you believe happiness only comes in acceptance you might be right.After all everybody who is born longs to be popular and we set out assoon as we can talk trying to find acceptance and then popularity.Off we go to school thinking of all the new friends we will meet and wework on making...

Posted by Pastor Ted's Blog @ 06/28/2015 06:17 PM GMT-5

Posted by DOVES EYES @ 08/31/2014 10:03 PM GMT-5
Spiritual Impersonation is Character Assasination crucifying CHRIST JESUS a fresh
 The gift of the HOLY SPIRIT is life with power for righteousness and not evil deeds. The HOLY SPIRIT was given to us for resurrection power and restoration in the church. The HOLY SPIRIT helps us to make the right choices at all times. It is a gentle loving spirit in which there is...

Posted by Nancy's Cafe @ 05/21/2014 08:28 AM GMT-7
Do not let` your faith be swallowed up by fear or self pity for the Almighty God knows your circumstances., and what you are going through. Take your supplications to God and find  solace and comfort you need to overcome. Be always mindful that in the middle of the violent storms sthat...

Posted by Saved By Grace @ 05/18/2013 11:13 PM GMT-6
Wickedness grows
Ezekiel 33:31 (NIV) My people come to you, as they usually do, and sit before you to hear your words, but they do not put them into practice. Their mouths speak of love, but their hearts are greedy for unjust gain. Mark 7:21-23 (NIV) 21 For it is from within, out of a person’s heart,...

Posted by fatangel @ 05/02/2013 10:43 PM GMT-8
To Show You My Love by Mike Schmid
Came across this song on youtube, now addicted... :PTo Show You My Love by Mike SchmidI wanted to write you a song A song you could sing forever And I wanted to rhyme And to bend phrase and time Into something clever But you deserve something better If I could make all the mountains spell...

Posted by ponderants @ 12/11/2012 04:03 PM GMT-6
Book Review: The Silent Years
"The Silent Years" is a misnomer. The majority of the pages discuss the life of Jesus within the timeline of the New Testament gospels. Green does, however, attempt to fill in some gaps around the origins of Jesus' relationships with his disciples (including the women who supported His ministry)....


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