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Posted by Buchu or Biltong @ 04/07/2004 09:40 AM GMT-8
Taste me, see me spell me
What’s hot according to Compass restaurant in New York: pistachio oil and black cashew nuts. Probably more fun to look at than to eat. Food that is inherently sexy: artichokes, wasabi, red peppers, roast chicken (always), coriander, broccoli, panini, Belgian chocolate. Food that has the kiss...

Posted by Are We Recording? @ 03/29/2004 06:01 PM GMT-5
This is going to be a bitch fest blog, so if you don't want to listen, GET OUT! I am sick of all the shit that I have to put up with everyday. My mother is not the problem, it's the rest of the 'so-called normal' fuckers out there that have no consideration for anyone but themselves. Either someone...

Posted by ashab-ng-punjab @ 03/11/2004 10:16 AM GMT-3.5
caress me down
Caress Me Down Mucho gusto me llamo Bradley, (Pleased to meet you my name is Bradley) Im hornier than Ron Jeremy and if you wanna get popped in your knee just wipe that look off your bati face You hate me cause i got whatcha need a pretty little daughter that we call mixie and if...

Posted by Tommy Lee's Blog @ 02/19/2004 10:53 PM GMT-6
New Jelqing Technique
Hello, I've gotten a new jelqing routine. instead of all of the different techniques, i've just got two different techniques i use now. i think i have all of the girth and cirm. i need. i might add some more l8r. all i do now is wet jelqes and stretching for 'bout 'n hour. when i get the length...

Posted by DMS LANDSCAPE @ 02/16/2004 09:20 AM GMT-5
dear lawn members,it appears that the snow will melt in two weeks and i will be starting my work on the

Posted by DARI DAPUR INI @ 02/03/2004 02:42 PM GMT8
Biskut Oat 1 tin oat (tin 800 gm) 1 tin minyak sapi (tin 500 gm) 1 tin gula halus (guna tin minyak sapi 500 gm) 2 tin minyak sapi tepung gandum (guna tin minyak sapi 500 gm) Hirisan badam Kuning telur untuk sapu atas biskut Cara: 1. Blend oat hingga halus 2. Pukul minyak sapi...

Posted by HereWeGoAgain @ 01/07/2004 09:23 AM GMT-6
Last night I burned 500 calories on cardio (in 40 minutes) before I lifted on upper body. I had a good workout and then went and ate at a Chinese restaurant. I've already nibbled on some no-no's today (it's not even 10:00 a.m. yet).Shit.

Posted by Simple Things @ 01/04/2004 07:52 PM GMT-8
First Shot at It
Here it is; my start at a blog.  I have been think I should be putting things down for a while.  After my mom died I started thinking about it even more.  There are so many little things that are lost in time.  So that is the goal here.  I am going to capture the simple...

Posted by just thoughts @ 11/29/2003 01:42 AM GMT-6
Urgent Action Needed!SPREAD THE WORD: SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30 IS "THERESA SCHINDLER SCHIAVO DAY" In our continuing support for Terri Schiavo, the Catholic Media Coalition faxed a letter November 9 to Bishop Wilton Gregory, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), on the...

Posted by A Cook's Diary @ 10/30/2003 08:39 PM GMT-5
my day
I am sitting here cold and feeling blue because I ate too much today. I made some fudge and it just seems like I have this sweet tooth. I will do better tomorrow. I will journal my calories tomorrow. I have lost 41 pounds and I'm not about to let it slip back up on!


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