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Posted by malditang biatch @ 02/15/2005 03:37 PM GMT8
hapi new blog
yahooo! i decided to renew my blog this year's really been a while since my last blog entry. i created a new name malditang-biatch, suites my personality. bagay kesa dun sa dati na mamujologz. i am hapi about this new name - i hope i can manage to blog most of the usual i am...

Posted by Joyful Mother @ 01/11/2005 04:17 PM GMT-6
Play Time

Posted by Moon Quest @ 11/05/2004 07:42 AM GMT-6
Progress... slow, but I am up to 2100 words on the new novel. Way behind, but since when am I not behind? I always am.

Posted by my world @ 10/24/2004 01:02 AM GMT-5
gosh it has been a long while since i've been here. things are pretty much the same as always. nothing ever changes. but at least it's not as bad as it could be. i guess for now if i can keep things on track it will be really good soon.  that is all i have time for now. ttyl

Posted by Rennie's Blog @ 10/18/2004 09:36 AM GMT-4

Posted by Domestic Cloud @ 09/17/2004 02:54 PM GMT-6
cleaning the house
Sheesh!!!!!  I got online and found a site  and now I am on a mission!!!!  Trouble is,  I started this routine thing only 3 days ago, and today I am backsliding a bit.  I am very tired though,  so that is my only excuse.  I am dressed to the shoes...

Posted by Crystal City @ 08/31/2004 11:10 AM GMT-5
Update of Goodness
So I said I would post about my week with Bert on Tuesday so I am....a week later ;)  Why didn't I post last week?  Well Tuesday everyone in the office decided they wanted donuts so out I went.  On my way back I was merging on to the highway when the person in front of me came...

Posted by Angel @ 08/22/2004 07:02 AM GMT8
aww. my beb's so good! =D
hi beb!!! ang astig nman ng blog moh! jusko. prang pangit na pangit tuloy ako sa kin! hahaha!! wlang binatbat! nakz tlaga!! see how good u r?? =p  aww me proud of yoo beb. bsta ALWAYS believe in urself ok? ayon.. bsta am always here for yoo ok?? ako rin beb gwa mo ko layout!!! hahahaha!! i...

Posted by loulouknits @ 08/19/2004 09:57 AM GMT-5
Sweater Design
I deciced to use up some merino tweed wool that I bought from WEBS, but couldn't decide on what to do with it.  As I was thinking about what I would like, I envisioned a fitted sort of turtlenecky sweater with ribs half way up, narrowing at the waist, and then just knitted the rest of the way...

Posted by we're not geeks.. @ 08/18/2004 11:29 AM GMT-6
why are there so many "see live hot girls now!
ugh it bothers me. These women who get on these show need to get a life. unless of course, they're raped and forced to do this... well anyway the audition is on saturday! hehe, i'm nervous but excited because i'm paying someone 25 dollars to listen to me!! wow, that's a lot ofmoney.. am i that...


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