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Posted by Juneau Book Group @ 12/08/2005 10:53 PM GMT-9
Friday - December 9 - Island Pub
I emailed earlier today to see what the 'climate' was about book group - I have ordered but not received the books and wanted to know how everyone else had fared, whether we should meet and discuss - versus meet for social time - versus posponing for January in view of the busy holiday season. The...

Posted by My newest one @ 10/15/2005 03:15 PM GMT-7
In Remembrance
You were loved baby.  We'll never forget you.  I made a box for you on the anniversary of your death.  It holds my pregnancy tests, partially filled out pregnancy book, my hospital bands and the printout of the entire journal here.   Today is October 15, 2005.  You...

Posted by TarGina @ 10/11/2005 03:57 PM GMT-4
Trying again...

Posted by Shining Starr @ 10/09/2005 10:35 AM GMT-5
It's been so long since I have written in this journal. It's mostly my fault, throught. After i wrote my last entry in January, I think, I've became so busy that I was hardly online long enough to write. So much had happened since then, that I don't know where to start. Well, I know one thing I...

Posted by Interesting Times @ 09/06/2005 05:45 PM GMT2
What I did today & other arbitrary comments
1. Started this blog thing - has taken forever inbetween meetings 2. Picked up my divorce papers for signing and signed the summons 3. Organised my next business trip to Austria 4. Chatted to Christel 5. Ate salad for lunch as part of my detox diet 6. The weather is crap here in durban,...

Posted by Learning Moms @ 09/04/2005 07:53 AM GMT1
Confessions of a lurker
I've recently begun taking online classes from a college, becuase that is the only way I can fit education into my schedule while I'm working full time and trying to raise two little boys. The way it works is that I subscribe to these newsgroups in an e-mail client and post responses to discussion...

Posted by Shutterbelle @ 08/25/2005 02:46 PM GMT-6
Shutterbelle Photography
Hi,  My name is Amanda Hagler and I am the owner of Shutterbelle Photography.  I have been an award-winning professiona l photographer since 1998, however,  I have been taking pictures literally my entire life.  I have always loved photography and...

Posted by Our Life Together @ 06/10/2005 01:31 PM GMT-5
Our Summer
Dear Us,       ; I love you Renae Nichole.  This summer will defy the odds and be more amazing than a million caramel sundaes with cherries on top!  I can't wait for Disney together, for fun and excitement, for fireworks and rides, for restaurants and...

Posted by Oreo Cake @ 04/11/2005 03:49 AM GMT8
Fighting The Dengue Battle At Home
With some 1,145 cases reported in January this year, fighting the Aedes mosquitoes should be a priority on your to-do list.  Here are some handy tips to fight the deadly mosquitoes: Change the water in pots or vases daily. Some plaints such as money plants and lucky bamboo which...

Posted by malditang biatch @ 02/15/2005 03:37 PM GMT8
hapi new blog
yahooo! i decided to renew my blog this year's really been a while since my last blog entry. i created a new name malditang-biatch, suites my personality. bagay kesa dun sa dati na mamujologz. i am hapi about this new name - i hope i can manage to blog most of the usual i am...


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