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Family Issues


Posted by BRAT666 @ 06/07/2007 04:37 PM GMT12
So you thought I'd died? Gone to the great beyond? To the armpits of hell, where I did once dwell.... Well Sorry...NO!   Hey Ya'll long time since I've been here... Many have fallen on the path here, but I'm still not to worry....   Well down here in Zland where it's so...

Posted by Alysha @ 06/04/2007 04:28 PM GMT7
The Show
For the first time ever, kak esah performed at The Grand Ballroom, The Legend Hotel KL on friday, 1st June 2007. It was a great & enjoyable performance by kak esah and the Karen Barnes School of Dance.

Posted by shanna @ 04/11/2007 04:25 PM GMT1
counting down...
Flash Countdown

Posted by buhay madaldal @ 04/30/2007 05:00 PM GMT7
I moved. For good. Bye bye Blogdrive.

Posted by @ 03/28/2007 06:27 PM GMT-8
Explaining America: The history you need to know
The Revolution was fought, capitalized by real men and women who understood why they were fighting and sacrificing, to secure a truly evolutionary understanding of humanity's relationship with God, each other, and with the curious tool of human organizing we call government....

Posted by Jayelle Enelial @ 03/14/2007 11:03 PM GMT9
It's not often that you would come across a website which caters to a specific genre of women - Heartbroken is different from other websites It might seem like a dating website at first it actually caters to women who have been abused or had their hearts broken.There are even...

Posted by Prayer Works @ 02/04/2007 09:02 PM GMT-5
Prayer Works

Posted by enajunior @ 12/25/2005 06:09 PM GMT0
É Natal, é Natal lá lá lá lá lá!
Sem dúvida alguma, foi o bebé quem recebeu mais prendas este Natal. A pedido de várias famílias, eis as fotos dos seus presentes: Mãe: Pai: Madrinha: Não existe foto no momento, mas foi uma banheira azul. Padrinho: Avó materna: Avós paternos: Bisavó: Primos Groo e...

Posted by OUR LOVE @ 12/14/2006 03:07 PM GMT-8
BLOG CERRADO... !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,,,, TODO PASO ! YA ESTOY GENIAL !

Posted by mimpiyangtaksudah @ 11/28/2006 06:21 AM GMT-8
Engkau Peniup Semangat ....
I asked and asked myself again and again, 'Why do I need you?' Especially in these last few months of my PhD. And  I realised that I need you for selfish reasons. For my own reasons. Is it bad to use others for the sake of securing success? I think you would agree with me that, I should...


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