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Family Issues


Posted by Always a Critic @ 01/02/2011 07:47 PM GMT-5
2010 Highlights
I feel bad because I haven't posted in this blog for over a year. Shame on me! I had so much happen to me personally that I'm going to do a fast recap. I'm going to endeavor to post once a month but I'm not making any promises. So here goes. One of my dearest and most special friend in the...

Posted by Spiritual Freedom @ 09/21/2010 08:29 PM GMT-7
Immortal Dream Bleeding
An earthbound soulfeels too alonewhen far away from one's true homeRaped, brokenScarred and bruisedHard to be youngand so abusedA family life confuses respectto blend control games with neglectWhere no one really knows youor even caresWhen you're inconvenient to their affairsYou're not whatever...

Posted by Say No to Drugs @ 09/16/2010 08:22 PM GMT-8
Methamphetamine and Crystal Meth
WHAT IS METHAMPHETAMINE? Methamphetam ine is an illegal drug in the same class as cocaine and other powerful street drugs. It has many nicknames—meth, crank, chalk or speed being the most common. STREET NAMES METHAMPHETAMINE...

Posted by Swirl @ 06/30/2010 03:09 PM GMT-8
Firearem death rate
Someone sent me this funny quote back in March that I thought I should share.  I have no idea where these numbers came from or how valid they are, but it's so tongue-in-check. "If you consider that there has been an average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq theater of operations during the past...

Posted by Vets Foundation @ 06/29/2010 07:08 PM GMT-5
Independence Day
Come join the fun with Invest in America's Veterans Foundation at the Red White and Boom Festival in Cape Coral, Florida on Sunday, July 4th.

Posted by Friday's Child @ 04/19/2010 11:53 PM GMT-6
How could I forget?
I don't know how he found me or why he was even looking but there it was ... on a page that listed my real name, a note from him.  It read simply, "Hi, do you remember me?"  I smiled and thought I would love to write him back and say ..."Yeah, I remember you.  How could I forget...

Posted by home2010 @ 03/11/2010 12:18 AM GMT-8
new blog

Posted by My Journey @ 02/28/2010 12:25 AM GMT-5
Peace Upon Thee
We found out today that our lovey neighbor, Mrs. M. D. passed away on Monday the 22nd of Feb. Gloria, the news saddened us. Mrs. D, you lead a good life; a postive life; and set a great example to my family and, of course, yours. Gloria that you were able to reach and touch so many. That my dear...

Posted by Peach Times @ 01/31/2010 10:25 AM GMT-8
Forty-eight days to Spring
Found this photo of Stephanie on one of my hosting sites.

Posted by LADY TRUCKER @ 01/09/2010 04:19 PM GMT-5
TRUCKER'S "RULES OF THE ROAD"~ RESPECT RIGS ~ 1.  If you can't see our face in our side mirrors, we sure can't see YOU! (If you are within 50 feet of our front or back bumpers, we can't see you! ...Blind zones) 2..  We only ever have 10 brakes, not 18.... (None are disk...


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