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Family Issues


Posted by PLANS AND LISTS @ 06/21/2014 12:45 AM GMT-5
Siblings Journal: 5 years, and almost 3 years
I look around while trying to catch my breath at the beautiful children you are becoming. You are both growing into such enchanting human beings. I feel so compelled to write down every single thing you are up to, but I find myself caught up in being a part of and observing your lives that I...

Posted by Glass door @ 04/03/2014 12:04 AM GMT-8
Millet Croquettes Recipe
I thought a lot about how I might pack for India. A lot. I'm excited about the adventure, and in the days before pulling my suitcase out of the closet I found myself deep inside my own head considering which cameras to bring, which dresses (just 2, maybe 3!), and what food to bring for the flight -...

Posted by My Time in London @ 12/15/2013 12:39 AM GMT-8
Someday, I'll be back again, London. I know it. Perhaps when I've grown up a little. :D

Posted by Que Sera,Sera @ 11/20/2013 11:01 PM GMT7
Que Sera, Sera What Will Be, Will Be Nama diberi, Raudah Nurdania. Panggil saja Dania. Begitu selalu Dania memperkenalkan diri. Kalau dipanggil Raudah, silap-silap haribulan kakak kembarnya Raudah Nursyuhada yang menjawab. Kata orang, bila dilahirkan sebagai kembar ni seronok. Mana...

Posted by Hopping House @ 10/10/2013 05:59 PM GMT-8
Birthday Sickness
I have often wondered if I am cursed due to how often I get sick on or around my birthday. It could be all in my head, although my stomach says otherwise. Honestly I think that this year is due to mild food poisoning. Stomach cramps really suck, as does the fatigue,and hot and cold episodes. But...

Posted by Tips On Custody @ 09/24/2013 11:07 AM GMT-5
Check Out This On Facebook
I have move everything and built a huge website which I just launch check it out and Please help the site If anyone believe’s in this site and what it stands for . I design this site to give people tips on dealing with family court and helping their family’s threw it. Please share...

Posted by Background check @ 09/21/2013 07:58 AM GMT-5
criminal audit background check
Considering a criminal background check online? You're not alone. Private Investigators are astronomically expensive, physical background searches are time consuming and expensive, and other means often offer incomplete or inconclusive results. Still, you need to find criminal background...

Posted by toilet training @ 09/02/2013 01:52 PM GMT-5
Thanks Potty Training In 3 Days
I found potty training in 3 days by Carol Cline online. It did wonders for me. It is a proven method for quick and easy potty training even the most stubborn child in 3 days flat. It provides guides, videos, and audio files to get you on way. After understanding the system it was...

Posted by Luxury Bedroom @ 05/25/2013 07:53 AM GMT-8
How to Create a Sweet Traditional Style Bedroom
Many people have a clear idea about the modern style of bedding. With the traditional one you can bring the special thing to life. When you apply the style to the whole parts of your bedroom then it is called the traditional style bedroom. As people find it to be very efficient and can come up...

Posted by the Villmers life @ 09/22/2012 04:31 PM GMT-6
Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary Party
Jessica had a great time today in downtown St. Louis celebrating the GS 100th anniversary.  There were countless booths, food giveaways, and arts and crafts opportunities.  If you'd like to see two photos of Jessica as a crazy cookie scientist, follow this...


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