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Posted by Joshua @ 07/31/2004 02:49 PM GMT-5
"til the end``
"Nobody there knew they would die before they woke They probably started off a beautiful day with weed smoke Out of last night's pussy, the murder that she wrote Cold sweatin from a nightmare, mind on a C-note You leave the door with intentions of fulfillin your visions Constantly sidetracked,...

Posted by Arbiter_07 @ 07/30/2004 09:30 PM GMT6
time for a new bloggy
okay guys.. i decided to make a new blog because i want to see wats the difference. Anyway, i wont be writin here anymore but to my new blog. Addy: Well enjoy for ur future references.. laters!

Posted by c r a z i e x0 @ 07/20/2004 04:16 PM GMT-5
fursT entRii
aloh, wassap? well thiz is my first entry.. umm i dont really know how to explain myself; so im just qonna put 1 of those email quiz thinGyz so that you can know who i m better:: [ S i M P L E | F A C T S ] [ time ] 3.36pm [ name ] Cynthia .a. Gonzalez [ special day ] july.28.o4 [mii...

Posted by Daniel's World @ 07/04/2004 11:47 AM GMT-3

Posted by matman @ 06/10/2004 09:41 AM GMT-7
Prayer of St FRancis
  " + monthNames[now.getMonth()] + " " + now.getDate() + ", " + year); //document.write(day + " " + monthNames[month] + " " + year); //--> Thursday June 10, 2004

Posted by _FeRoCiTy_0116 @ 06/07/2004 03:41 PM GMT-6
Chicago~~ a reflection.
So CHICAGO was cool.Day 1:Get up @ 5:40 it wasn't that hard cuz i couldn't sleep the day before...Bus ride was okay... six llllooooonnnnggggg hours. But i got 2 seats 2 myself!!!~no sleep.Then where'd we go?~ o da Shedd Aquarium, dats only lk the fourth time i've been there, and its only lk the 5th...

Posted by Journal-101 @ 05/20/2004 10:33 AM GMT-8
Entry 1......
Okay lets start with this journal thingy: Today, I woke up at like 5 am...well my dad woke me up or was it my mom? clue. I had to go to class [driving]. Then I went back to sleep and got up at around 5:30. Did my morning ritual, well not really cos i don't have a morning ritual...

Posted by hmm.... @ 05/19/2004 03:11 AM GMT-6
Leaving for friends for college
Yup graduation is not that far away and while I'm excited to see what lies next I'm reluctant to leave the people I have grown so close to over the years.  I wish I could take a few and bring them with me to Huntingdon, but unfortunately nobody I know is going there and that scares me. ...

Posted by Imp7 @ 05/15/2004 07:03 PM GMT-5
Another Dream
well...i was in the office at work and u showed up...cuz it was dinner time....and we ate and katie came too....we ate and katie left us alone cuz shes katie and wants us to be we were in the office and the phone insisted upon NOT ringing....and u were getting all like u usually...

Posted by Whats goin on?? @ 04/12/2004 03:11 PM GMT-8
The Week
So the week started out pretty well acually!!! then we went to YEC got even better met some hotties lol! got a hat form some guy! came home on sat and i was sick:(... o well sun i was better but i was still not feeling to well... got a easter basket and some other kool stuff! went on a easter egg...


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