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Posted by Riaz @ 11/12/2004 09:05 PM GMT-5
Were moving to See you there. Ta. - Riaz

Posted by The angry Drumerr @ 11/11/2004 03:25 PM GMT-7
Let me bring you up to date, i play drums in a band called TALL, and last night we played in a battle of the bands at one of the local high schools. While we were on stage, i just had a feeling. The shit was electrical, magical even. We ended up tying for third, but for it being out first gig,...

Posted by Living a life... @ 10/11/2004 11:59 PM GMT-6
Alright people! TODAY IS MY 19TH BIRTHDAY! ::looks at clock:: 12 mins left until its over. My birthday started off bad and ended with a bang. After i dropped my mom off to work, I went dryed the clothes around 7:30. I went to pick up the clothes after 8 and i saw that they wasn't dry. So i...

Posted by Neopets Help @ 10/04/2004 01:13 PM GMT0
Neoquest 2 again....sigh
Phew I'm finally back on the blog again. I did say I'll log in less! You want me to continue on Neoquest 2 again? I'm currently bored, so I guess I'll do so. (But I can't provide the pictures anymore, I have already completed the game, sorry. But I'll guide you through and explain...

Posted by Spudsy @ 09/28/2004 09:16 PM GMT-5
1st Annual Anime, Music, Manga, And Video Game Awards Show Nominational Categories
The following list is a list of all the categories in which nominations will attepmt to be placed in. Please read those rules explaining the nominations, categories, and how they work as well as all the rules. The categories are as follows in no particular order: 1. Best Classic Anime...

Posted by armykid @ 09/16/2004 02:59 PM GMT-7
cars cars and

Posted by Gum On My Shirt @ 09/16/2004 06:08 PM GMT8
ito ang title

Posted by Word of Faith @ 08/27/2004 07:13 PM GMT-8
Long Time no Type--Again :p
Ya know, I should really take the tme to update this thing. Well, just to let ppl know--My comp crashed....Man, I'm tired of all these stupid viruses and such >.< It's annoying!! Darnit, I gotta go already--I'll make sure to write some more later--Laterz! -PC P.S. Yes Nissa--I love...

Posted by CaffineGuy @ 08/22/2004 01:03 AM GMT-5
New Blog!
Changed my screen name, moved to a new place, started a new school.  I figure.... Might as well change this too. My new screen name is Xerudox

Posted by Joshua @ 07/31/2004 02:49 PM GMT-5
"til the end``
"Nobody there knew they would die before they woke They probably started off a beautiful day with weed smoke Out of last night's pussy, the murder that she wrote Cold sweatin from a nightmare, mind on a C-note You leave the door with intentions of fulfillin your visions Constantly sidetracked,...


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