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Posted by Life Is Study @ 06/13/2005 06:32 AM GMT-5
I've decided to move my blog to my myspace page. ris

Posted by SlumbermanN @ 06/10/2005 04:16 AM GMT1
ihikss... pindah rumah... huhuhu
assalamualaikum semua... so ni aku nak bitau... blog ni dah pindah umah... hehehe... gi takder dah kat sini..... ;) so pasni kita ke tmpt baru aa yer... hehehe... tekan bawah ni kalau nak gi tgk... ihikss hhehee... so selamat sumer....

Posted by Sachz Inc. @ 06/07/2005 05:56 AM GMT-8
Sachz Commiez
    It's early in the morning.. i'm tired... my penis itc... nevermind, fixed that.... built a new page over at update your bookmarks... well, i guess you won't have to memorize any new links huh?...  

Posted by Naked Flame @ 05/13/2005 02:24 PM GMT-3
animais  c㯼/I>  rauf  gato bas   pᳳaro ling   le㯼/I> rurth   cavalo akesh   marse 駵a   rato óg  touro mul   borboleta m´era  lobo loub  égua hara...

Posted by Blah_Insane_Words @ 05/03/2005 11:21 PM GMT-5
I'm currently banning my friends cra Z and Atsuke (Toriyama) from our lunch table. They're still my friends. I wuv them to pieces! But well... here's what happened. They have another set of friends, which I think are okay... I don't hate them or anything... but they're not really my friends either,...

Posted by myLife(manny) @ 04/28/2005 05:05 AM GMT8
My and this site is now OFFICIALLY closed.. my BLOGS are now on YAHOO 360. gop  or simply thank you, hope to see you there, add me!!!

Posted by [H]yDrA Home Page @ 03/29/2005 09:53 PM GMT8
My Holiday
heyx all im back from da holidayz hahaz..well if ya all duno where i hav been , i been to malaysia wif my family , relatives , n my fav cousinz..hahaz they bring joy to ma lyfe there..hahaz well lots of things to say and type haha but duno wif can fit r nt..lolx ..k lah i start first day right ,...

Posted by In the Crosshairs @ 03/04/2005 12:56 PM GMT-6
The space you see between this post and the last few posts is mostly due to some FFXI, CoH, and a few family problems, but I'm bringing this back from the dead. What's happened the last year or so?  1.) I learned the real meaning of legitimate presidency. 2.) Worked at GNC. No I can't...

Posted by RITEEB @ 02/14/2005 09:35 AM GMT-8
have your name in the wall of fame!!!!!!!!!
all you gotta do is... gimmy some ideas to brighten up my web site brill brill brill!        

Posted by X1337xX @ 01/11/2005 02:13 PM GMT-5
Looks who's back and might be on here more often!
So yeah, here I am again, another update, kick ass! I love this thing, but no one else uses it where I live so it kind of sucks, also anyone is able to leave me a comment nammed penis or some shit, so whatever, fuck them, cuz' I like this better then Xanga. Though, I will use Xanga more...


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