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Posted by LTJ @ 03/07/2006 04:53 AM GMT-5 luis I have officially moved to luis This page will no longer be updated or anything. Neither will people be able to post comments or anything. My new home is at luis Can they handle LTJ??? Visit NOW...

Posted by Shades of Life... @ 02/25/2006 09:52 PM GMT8
People, my new blog is So please go there now. This blog is of no use anymore in effect from now! Haha. See u all over there at my new blog! And dont forget to update your links people!!

Posted by Serenity-Insanity @ 02/24/2006 08:30 PM GMT8
I thank you readers for reading, acknowledging my writings, hunted me down for new posts etc. From today, I will be shifting my entire blog to somewhere else.... its still transformation in progress, this time, it will be much more tidied up, new links, fresh attitude, ideas and...

Posted by Azn_Masta007 @ 02/24/2006 12:43 AM GMT-7
The Joys of Being in a Computer Lab During Lockdown
[L]istening to: Brothers (BEPA) [I]s Currently: Writing an Entry [F]eeling: Tired, braindead, take your pick [E]ating: Nothing   Who would've known that fate would let me be stuck in the computer lab during period 8 and have a lockdown about half an hour later? Had Chinese during that...

Posted by CirCle oF MadNeSs @ 01/17/2006 10:53 AM GMT-5
Death is only a Horizon
Yesterday afternoon at approx. 12:00 p.m. my granddaddy was laid to rest in the cemetary of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Barnesville MD. This is the first grandparent I have lost in my 24 years of life. I feel very fortunate to of known him as long as I did. Below is his Obituary as printed in...

Posted by Riyo's Haven @ 01/17/2006 12:58 AM GMT-5
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH fuck you res ppl!OMG I HATE FUCKING GUY UPSTAIRS I'M GOING TO SHOOT HIMand AHHHGRRRRRR DIE YOU BASTARDwell i wish he's play the music quieter and yell randomnly less oftenomg i hate him so much i swear to god i'm just boiling in...

Posted by Criticals Corner @ 01/03/2006 07:11 AM GMT-5
Time for something new
    Its a new year, with a new location.  Try me at /   Critical - a.k.a Dys

Posted by Avalonian Dreams @ 09/10/2005 01:00 PM GMT-5
And that's that....
Toodles Kids! Posted some tests - so I didn't feel like a total waste!  :p  Off to shower and start another of those endless rounds of social calls that apparently go hand in hand with getting married. Talk soon! Morg

Posted by Neko No Yume @ 08/12/2005 04:32 PM GMT-7
¡Ya está!
aquí está la nueva direcciónhttp://www.nekonoyume

Posted by spacemonkey @ 07/02/2005 09:39 PM GMT0
Typing is giving me a headache
So I was reading the web the other day and came across Dvorak info... I'd heard about this alternate keyboard thing before but this time I actually read on to find out exactly what it was all about. It's baoically a different layout of keys on your keyboard that should result in quicker typing...


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