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Posted by A.Decay @ 07/30/2012 08:53 PM GMT-7
a last embrace
a sweet slumber destroyed by hima horror fills me from my toes to my face. the creaking of a door a tapping at my window.i know he is near.awoken in a dream like haze the monster creeps closer his chill upon my facehis burning touch paralyzes me i cant escape.i stare into a glare with no face...

Posted by cheap MLB jerseys @ 06/24/2012 07:21 PM GMT-8
hi, new here
Dear all, I am nice here, pls be nice. :)

Posted by DVD and Gaming @ 09/22/2011 02:15 AM GMT-8
Gone and moved..
Well, it's been a while since this site changed, but all the blogsare now located here:Aussie Wine GuyAussie Travel GuySanders TechnologyEnjoy,Rob

Posted by the3kings @ 08/21/2011 10:47 AM GMT8
Darkness Girl
There are 2 upcoming gigs that I intend to attend. First is Lykke Li on 21st September. Second is The National in November. To score the Category A tickets, I need to spend over 200 bucks. Thats equivalent to the amount I pay for Southside Music Festival where I get to watch tons of bands and still...

Posted by Neko no Yume (2) @ 08/11/2011 03:44 AM GMT-4
Otra mudanza
Hola a todos mis lectores. Lamento el tiempo que ha pasado en que no he escrito nada acá. Les informo que me he mudado a la siguiente dirección:http://godminoru.blo gspot.comLos estaré esperando ^^. Bye~

Posted by MsMarti @ 08/01/2011 07:37 AM GMT-6
Sew fun to make!!
I found this easy-to-make pincushion here.  I  bought the teacup at a garage sale and used a peice of scrap fabric I had leftover from another sewing project.  I made up some to give away as was fun, easy and took less than 30 minutes!  Isn't it...

Posted by KAZUHIKI @ 01/10/2011 01:51 PM GMT7
Cikgu Suraya
Cikgu Suraya – Cerita Seks Melayu Aku teringat akan kisah yang berlaku 10 tahun yang lalu, ketika aku masih lagi di alam persekolahan. Kisah yang bakal aku ceritakan ini mendatangkan kesan yang mendalam terhadap aku, terhadap kehidupanku. Semasa berada di tingkatan 5 di salah sebuah sekolah di...

Posted by ^_^NooR HaMiDaH @ 11/19/2010 08:23 PM GMT-8
[, 2010 ]
BeRKoRBaN Itu INDaH.......Telah dua bulan musim hujan berlalu sehingga di mana-mana pepohonan nampak menghijau. Kelihatan seekor ulat di antara dedaun menghijau yang bergoyang-goyang diterpa angin. "Apa khabar daun hijau," katanya. Tersentak daun hijau menoleh ke arah suara yang datang "Oh,...

Posted by Josh524's view @ 07/07/2010 10:30 PM GMT8
Some NBA rumors flying around
Mike Miller, last team with the Washington Wizards   Apparently, Mike Miller would love to play alongside Lebron James. It is reported that the Cavs are targeting Miller and he in return said he would love to play in Cleveland if Lebron James stay with the team. Miller will be...

Posted by la ley del norte @ 05/02/2010 01:48 PM GMT-6
monologo acerca de tarkovski con una fembot
hoy desperte muy solo y sin nadie con quien hablar asi que me conecte y descubri que simpre puedes contar con una fembot para mitigar la soledad y practicar mi ingles. ...


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