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Posted by All Of Everything @ 03/08/2017 05:06 AM GMT5
Did I see an Angel?
Hey, guys! It's me again, back with my second post of the day! The post you are reading right now is the first of many posts about the paranormal. This particular story takes place back in fourth grade, in Social Studies. Let's get started with the story! So I was doing a worksheet on the...

Posted by Dapper Parlor @ 07/10/2016 09:35 PM GMT-6
Dapper Parlor Opening
Dapper Parlor is where you'll find cool and unique gift ideas for men and women. Never give a boring gift again! Our wares include games, dog toys, cat toys, unique socks, tactical gear, phone accessories, wine accessories, and more so come check us out!

Posted by Cool Chess Blogs @ 03/13/2016 02:48 PM GMT-8
10 Ways To Kickstart Your Chess Improvement
10 Ways To Kickstart Your Chess Improvement If you’re wondering how to get better at chess, then you’ve come to the right place. I can’t promise that you’ll become the next Bobby Fischer after reading this list, but I can promise you that if you follow these 10 ways to improve your...

Posted by BlackRabbitTrials @ 12/07/2014 04:09 PM GMT-5
Sweet Beginnings~
To anyone reading this welcome to my first blog, the purpose of me starting this was to unleash my unedited thoughts to the world without holding back for fear of drama seeking fucks who know nothing about me or what I face daily. Part of the main reason I'm starting this blog is be able to voice...

Posted by Hideout Network @ 12/01/2014 12:27 AM GMT-6
10 years and 3 months later.
Welcome back to another edition of ChatConfess! er... I mean BlogDrive Life! no no... Screaming Comic! not that either... Mobile Journal Project! hrm. did that even ever get off the ground?.... I Can't Draw Comics! while that's true, that's not it... Ah!Welcome back to the Hideout...

Posted by Casino @ 10/20/2014 12:17 AM GMT-8
Play Free Casinos Slots
Normal 0 false false fals e EN-US X-NONE X- NONE MicrosoftInternetE xplorer4 Some people adore the intellectual...

Posted by mausoleu troy @ 06/18/2014 04:11 PM GMT-3
Olá amigos!

Posted by MLB Baseball @ 02/15/2014 05:36 PM GMT-8
MLB Baseball Information Links
MLB Baseball Teams Alpha Order A  to Z MLB Baseball Team Site and Schedule USA Today Team STATS LIVE RADIO Online For This Team BLEACHER REPORT NEWS and TEAM UPDATES TEAM RUMORS SPORTING NEWS - MLB FOX SPORTS MLB Updates Arizona...

Posted by December Child @ 09/07/2013 01:15 AM GMT-8
In Time 2

Posted by Pai Gow Online @ 07/31/2012 05:27 AM GMT-8
Pai Gow
When one of a Pai Gow's player's hands is compared to one of the dealer's hands, it sometimes happens that both will have the same score. For instance, a player may have a front hand worth one point, consisting of a 3-4 tile and a 2-2 tile, and the dealer may have a front hand also worth one point,...


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