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Posted by lloyd pro group @ 01/21/2015 01:53 PM GMT-8
Are you using a home inventory sheet to protect your stuff?
Use a home inventory sheet to help you with your Atlanta home insurance claims Nobody wants to lose their personal belongings to fire, theft or water damage. Yet, because “stuff happens” it is a real potential problem for all of us. So whether you have renters insurance or home insurance in...

Posted by Richard Young @ 01/08/2015 03:41 PM GMT-5
Is it time to Consider Long-Term Care Insurance?
There are many reasons why you should consider long term care insurance: it allows you to better protect your savings and assets; it helps you control both the type of care you receive and the location or setting where care can be provided, and it gives you and your family peace...

Posted by Grilinho @ 01/04/2015 08:18 PM GMT-8
Pequena confusĂŁo
Em frente a casa da avó de Ryan tinha um carro estacionado, esses carros que vendem pamonha. E o autofalante dizia bem alto: "Pamonha fresquinha, lha a pamonhaaa!". Atéquem vem a pérola: Ryan: O que é pamonha? Eu: É tipo um doce. Ryan: Mas é droga? Eu: Droga??ão, é feito de...

Posted by Caged Freedom @ 12/28/2014 09:19 PM GMT-6
sheeple..... ugh,
an fb post about buffalo culling crossed my fb feed, it talked about culling buffallo for brucellosis testing, and then it quoted an article which the was actually talking just about culling because of numbers not because of a zoonotic disease that affects humans...... there are too many people...

Posted by ~Tsuruko Hiroshi~ @ 12/20/2013 01:17 PM GMT7
~ Firzan Shah 9 month old ~
Assalamualaikum....Lambat betul update pasal perkembangan firzan masa 9 bulan ni. Actually not much to say... everything goes as smooth as it should be. Alhamdulillah...But something to be remembered, dia dah sangat expert memanjat tangga... pantang lepa sekejap, dah sampai atas dah dia panjat....

Posted by ProdigalSon @ 11/29/2014 05:12 AM GMT-8
Fighting my own Demons
Hello my Friend. I am not sure why you are here and got curious about my Blog. To be honest I use my blog more of a diary rather than to expose to the world and seek peoples approval. This is where I pour my thoughts and my life's experiences. Maybe just to impart my opinion about the complex...

Posted by Janey Godley @ 11/23/2014 07:54 PM GMT0
A Lot To Answer For And Ballater
So we have Bill Cosby, one of my favourite TV dad's. The all American dad, the man in fuzzy sweaters who could make anything funny, is now accused of rape. Not by one woman, or another woman who 'jumped on the band wagon' as some internet trolls like to call victims, but a slew of women...

Posted by CheaperbytheDozen @ 11/17/2014 08:42 PM GMT-6
My Dad
The thought just crossed my mind to call my dad. I quickly realised I cant do that. He is still in the hospital and I'm not even sure he knew who I was when I talked to him last night. I miss our talks. I hope he comes back to us..but there is a chance that he wont. With that thought comes all the...

Posted by Stephen's Blog @ 11/10/2014 11:34 PM GMT-6
Head Lice Home Treatments: Important And Effective
The minute you realize without any shadow of a question that you have head lice, you have to instantly perform head lice home treatments. Don't wait. And don't simply do it on your own. You have to acquire everybody in your family– household, roomies, guests, whatever– to also deal with it....

Posted by haircareusa @ 10/09/2014 09:22 PM GMT-8.5
OPI Infinite Shine Gel Lacquer
NEW nail products from OPI...Infinite Shine Gel Lacquer OPI, the leader in nail color...


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