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Posted by PRIZE CREW @ 10/14/2004 11:28 PM GMT-8

Posted by *Seadoochick247* @ 04/27/2004 12:08 PM GMT-6
Citgo Sucks!!!!
Citgo Sucks!!!!Omigosh, I hate citgo and anything that has to do with Venezuelans. The stupid people just announced yesterday that they're moving and that sucks butt. I'm basically just going to vent on here right now cause I'm pissed. Like a bunch of people I know are either going to be out of a...

Posted by xTueSDaY MeMoiRsx @ 02/29/2004 08:07 PM GMT2
iTs GRRRRReaSy, BuD-Dy
forced to go to church this would be okay, you know, except i just can't bring myself to buy it..i just cant make myself believe so have to prove stuff to me..its lent n'all now, so i can breathe a lot easier...the crucifixes just bother three weeks ago...

Posted by ron livingroom @ 02/27/2004 10:04 AM GMT-8
I stand corrected
Oop!  My bad.  I should probably delete the previous entry, but I'm a big enough man to admit when I'm wrong and simply move on.  This whole gay marriage thing is really more a legal matter than a religious one, so my whole SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE argument is worth about as...

Posted by GG/Gamie @ 02/21/2004 10:02 PM GMT-8
Emotional Roller Coaster
I love roller coasters.........but this emotional one I'm on is gonna kill me if it's the last thing it does. I've been happy sad happy sad depressed mad sad happy mad happy laughing ready to die mad sad and just on and on and on! For pete-sake! I've been headin uphill thankfully, I did alotta...

Posted by Fall the Darkness @ 02/05/2004 03:40 PM GMT-5
meh, yesterday afternoon was the best. and well thats all I'll say. The Lightning better win tonight or I might cry. I'm mad pissed, man. I can't see Stephen today I think. UGH!!!!!! *tear* *sniffles* Botheration. If it weren't for Jessie's bball game I would. Mreh. Not cool. I want to go...

Posted by tuke @ 01/31/2004 11:54 AM GMT-5
End It Till It's Useful
Fuck, what the hell am I doing on an online journal, I've got nothing intelligent to say do I?  well I took that damn link off my stupid profile till I actually can put stuff worth reading on here.  So let this a mark of nonconformity b/c i think the biggest reason why i got this was b/c...

Posted by HuskerBrainWash @ 01/30/2004 08:54 PM GMT-6
Ode to lucas
This entry is for Lucas, Today i pooped my pants. jk not really read brits profile and u'll get it

Posted by nick @ 12/25/2003 08:42 PM GMT6.5
My apologise people, i'm just too lazy to type... Just came back from Jakarta and Hong Kong recently... would have a wonderful time if not for my diahorea, sore throat and flu... Yikes, symptoms of SARS? Nah... relax. I just realized that baju (malay for clothes) in Indonesia is so damn...

Posted by spazmo4000 @ 10/06/2003 07:43 AM GMT-5
I went to see Five Iron Frenzy for the final time last night.  It was so great.  My head was inside the subwoofer.  The concert was awesome.  This was probably my favorite concert of their's.  This is also the last time that I will ever get to see them.  They are going...


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