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Posted by Lloni Smache @ 04/30/2017 03:08 AM GMT8
assalam semua

Posted by Happiness please @ 03/18/2017 11:51 PM GMT-8
I'm back
It's been years but I think I should post again.  So below is what I wrote... in a word processor as whenever I type in here I look away and lose the whole thing.    FFUUUUCCCKKKK I want to scream it at the top of my lungs. I met a guy, briefly. He wanted to hook up in a...

Posted by Kneeslider @ 05/09/2007 05:03 AM GMT0
On Saturday, we decided to go visit my folks again. Since the weather has been good lately, my mum's phobia about thunder and lightning has abated, which basically means that she has got her life back, and consequently, my dad has had an easier time of it too.  She's been like that for...

Posted by b l o g r a p h y @ 10/02/2005 07:37 PM GMT-8
this shoe

Posted by A Spiral Downfall @ 08/22/2005 12:51 PM GMT-5
god i love moonspell. god i love the way i used to right so much more. why should i even bother writing, i know how i feel... most of the time. and i know what i do. when its happening. sometimes i dont remember the next day. but do people really need to read about other...

Posted by Carpe Manana @ 05/11/2005 10:47 PM GMT-6
Why do those signs always state that a vehicle will be towed "at owner expense"?  Who did they think we thought was going to pay for it if they had not been quite so verbose? I can't stand people that won't let me go ahead of them in line when I have 1, simple thing like a soda...

Posted by Zik's Hangar @ 05/03/2005 11:31 PM GMT8
catch me if you can!
i've been flying from one blog to the next.. i'm at... livejournal blogger and i can't remember what the URL was.. i'll go check..

Posted by Nathan's Page @ 04/21/2005 03:24 PM GMT-6
New Blog
      Go to my new blog!

Posted by Swimming4cga @ 11/15/2004 01:39 PM GMT-6
I WiSh I WeRe KiSsIng THe Sun
the kisses of the sun were sweet i didnt blink i let it in my eyes like an exotic dream        

Posted by PRIZE CREW @ 10/14/2004 11:28 PM GMT-8


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