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Posted by The Life of Troy @ 02/05/2004 10:09 PM GMT-6
This week has been something crazy and I'm really too tired to write about it.  Just wanted to pop in and drop and iPod spoof.  Laters. Today's iPod Spoof:

Posted by Days of my Life @ 01/28/2004 09:59 AM GMT-5
Everythings gettin betteer now but skool still sucks the same as a week ago. Im just used to it. Also wanna know anyone with a good voice, a bass guitar, or a lead guitar and some skill. Startin a band and anyone with any of those talents could be in it. I got a song and the band name is Anchorx....

Posted by Redeyez629 @ 01/26/2004 09:32 PM GMT-6
I HATE BEING SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate being sick! Today i went to skool and i was not feeling good but i always do that cuz i go to skool if i dont have a fever . So to day i went to skool and i felt soooo bad i had to call my mom to pick me up and i never do that. Well my mommy picked me up and she toke me to Buffalo Wild...

Posted by mark @ 01/14/2004 05:14 PM GMT-5
hey today and yester were boring kim is sick and our lunch table was so happy except me well thats about it

Posted by ian @ 01/13/2004 10:45 AM GMT-5
last day
this is the last day everyone, well for this class i call study hall. im going to miss this class. finals are going to suck so bad. im happy that i dont have to take my health final though. my teacher showed me a fake score first and i was like "so i didnt get it", and she was like "well actually"...

Posted by ozzyfan24569 @ 01/10/2004 03:27 PM GMT-6
new year's resolution
okay, i have one new year's resolution: 1. to have no new year's resolution- i dont have one. i dont belive in that stuff. i mean everyone makes the same one every year! they are obviously not going to change. so i have no resolution.

Posted by scooter @ 12/21/2003 10:12 PM GMT-7
My mom has cancer and got out of surgery today.  She has to start chemo in a few weeks.  What a sick, sad world I live in.  I would give up everything I have to see my mom better again.  I mean everything.  Everything I have and everything I could possibly ever have. ...

Posted by ZzZz-Unit @ 12/21/2003 07:56 PM GMT-8
skanky sunday
~Skanky sunday~ yea today is iight ... its not great cuz i didnt go to da Mt ..cuz Cody spent da night last night ...yea and i heard it was really nice...but wateva i love cody too much to not chill wit him .....He my daw...soo yea i wake up and try to do wat i always do >let cody sleep in...

Posted by viXy @ 12/10/2003 03:37 PM GMT-8
i got a job!  i'm now a student assitant accountant & a tutor. 

Posted by Mudah Treasah @ 12/09/2003 06:52 PM GMT-7
what the hell is wrong with people? Sometimes I wonder why I even stay, I should be a hermit. I'm just so pissed off. I'm just glad that accounting class is over. I hated that girl. somehow i doubt that she will be at the final. she's got her D she can go along with her life.


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