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Posted by the opocolipes @ 01/31/2005 06:05 PM GMT0

Posted by confidencial @ 01/27/2005 08:27 PM GMT-3
Perdon por el titulo, es que estoy leyendo La Ilíada de Homero (nunca estudiando), y esta escrita en un idioma parecido al castellano, solo que usa tiempos vervales que nunca escuché. En fin, se terminaron las vacaciones, y "aquiles" pongo un resumen (jajaja, espero no reirme...

Posted by FlAvAdelMaRcuS @ 12/14/2004 10:16 PM GMT-5
...That christmas feeling
So yea.... today was so fun. Except for this morning with my Earth Science final with 'tha rock lover' (aka the professor). that class is hard as hell, thank god i don't have to see her anymore. anyway i studied my butt off, so i hope that i pass the exam. Anyway after the boredom, i went back...

Posted by beef.station @ 12/05/2004 03:17 PM GMT-7
I'm at a bar... right now.....studying... and enjoying beverages.... mmmmm weird.... and i have the net... local bars = cool! Dawg

Posted by homieheather @ 06/30/2004 12:39 AM GMT-8
neeg roe
[ x ] Spell your first name backwards- rehtaeh [ x ] The story behind your screen name - which screename? lol xHeAtHeReHtAeHx=hollys behind it RoCkMySoCcS27=my music is behind it TiCkLeMeHeAtHeR4=coltons behind it lol [ x ] Are you a lesbian - naa, i dont bat for that team [ x ] Where do you...

Posted by eyes_of_fear @ 04/28/2004 06:51 PM GMT-5
final update
Dear Readers,      Im sorry to imform you that this blog will no longer be updated until further notice. I have chose to re-locate my life stories at ehind . Please visit that site from now on.      In the future I may...

Posted by Swiss Miss @ 02/17/2004 01:33 AM GMT-8
Thank you
I feel better today. I talked with Larry, Chris, and Cassie, and they have made my day so grand. I am so lucky to be alive, to have the friends and family that I have. I thank God I am here to cherish the moments I have here on earth, good or bad. I am glad I am single now, I am on the prowl again....

Posted by Krn Pride 4 life @ 02/13/2004 01:53 AM GMT-5
Critical Update
Anyways The most dreaded day is tomorrow V-day (*groans in disgust*) Why am I putting it this way? Well first of all my girl is all the way in Detroit and she'll be goin home. I'll be stuck on campus THREE hours away from her and I have no car *sniff sniff* I miss her so much. And even worse is...

Posted by The Life of Troy @ 02/05/2004 10:09 PM GMT-6
This week has been something crazy and I'm really too tired to write about it.  Just wanted to pop in and drop and iPod spoof.  Laters. Today's iPod Spoof:

Posted by Days of my Life @ 01/28/2004 09:59 AM GMT-5
Everythings gettin betteer now but skool still sucks the same as a week ago. Im just used to it. Also wanna know anyone with a good voice, a bass guitar, or a lead guitar and some skill. Startin a band and anyone with any of those talents could be in it. I got a song and the band name is Anchorx....


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