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Posted by Snowboarder007 @ 02/01/2006 11:23 PM GMT-6
*Don't Belong*
Why do I feel like I donít belong Where oh where did I go wrong. I came here for help and I tried to fit in, I donít even know how long it has been. Since I showed up so randomly Looking for a lost piece of me. Like a shooting star in the sky, Surrounded by others but the only one to...

Posted by BERSEPEDA-SELALU @ 12/15/2005 08:55 AM GMT7
Belajar bersama Elisa di UGM
Elisa adalah teman setia yang menemani sivitas akademika di hari-hari ini. Ia memberikan kenyamanan dan keramahan, juga sumber rujukan pengetahuan. Apa pasalnya ? Inilah wajah baru Universitas Gadjah Mada di rangkaian kegiatan akademik yang hadir dalam kehidupan keseharian sivitas akademika...

Posted by Challenge Myself @ 10/26/2005 09:36 PM GMT-5
I'll be back on Friday after my mom leaves!! Ill be able to have more control over what i eat. She is a great mother but just doesn't cook healthy!

Posted by NatHannah @ 09/22/2005 12:29 AM GMT-5

Posted by dreamsdocometrue @ 08/24/2005 12:23 AM GMT-8
so happy
so right about now, id be blogging about the disappointment and sadness and whatnot i felt. but there really is no point in that now... so extaticly happy. suprised. yes. so am i. but we talked. and it really is all for the better. i feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. no more...

Posted by upvolleyballteam @ 08/09/2005 03:05 PM GMT8
6 - 0 Thats the current record of the men's team after beating Adamson University last Sunday. Even though several of our boys [men?] were playing under the weather, they prevailed over the Adamson Falcons in five very exciting sets.      Sightings Aside...

Posted by R U D Y @ 07/09/2005 11:20 AM GMT-5
the weekend =)
There is a certain moment in every week when you finally realize that things are about to be about ten times more easy going. I looked at my week, and that was yesterday at 5 o'clock because that is when I walked out the doors at Hat World in the Fairfield Commons and found myself engulfed in...

Posted by *My Thoughts* @ 06/29/2005 06:01 PM GMT-7
update here...i went to asian camp 2 weekends ago, pictures in friendster, too lazy to post in goin to ny for july 4th, im not excited. im leavin on friday and coming back on wednesday. i got my teeth cleaned today, my gum was bleeding.and something more happened, i would love to write...

Posted by DjŲflagengiū @ 05/22/2005 10:25 AM GMT-8.5
Maroon seinna fuchsia teal tangerine banana melon

Posted by hkjigsaw @ 05/01/2005 08:01 PM GMT8
A new blog link
Hi there, you guys must be wondering why I have been missing in action for such a long time. Well, long story short, I have been in and out the city for the past few months. Hardly have time to even pick up my dry clean. Glad that Monday is bank holiday. What a relieve. Anyway, I have started a...


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