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Posted by Kiss and Tell @ 08/22/2013 07:58 PM GMT-8
Of water parks and douchebags
At this point I am still really new to this whole online dating thing, but I think my formula is sound. Soon, I begin to question not only my thought process, but my faith in humanity as a whole.B has a great profile. It is just as sarcastic as mine. While not the second guy I messaged with on the...

Posted by SemerahPadi @ 05/11/2013 04:27 PM GMT8
Da Di Du
http://semerahpadi.blogdrive. com

Posted by MeanderingMike @ 05/04/2013 12:32 PM GMT-5
Being Anonymous
Well, I just checked, and the last time I used this site was TEN years ago. I guess the best part is that I can write whatever I want and nobody will ever see this, because nobody knows it exists. Nothing like having a private diary out there for the public to see. Accordingly, here's my new...

Posted by BluKhameleon @ 04/15/2013 11:30 PM GMT-5
For some reason the lyrics to Wale remind me of her... "Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did it But I sure know how to fuck I'll be your bad girl, I'll prove it to you I can't promise that I'll be good to you Cause I have some issues, I won't commit No, not having it But...

Posted by Foreign Brides @ 04/10/2013 11:01 AM GMT8
Your Hot African Brides To Be!
Black hair can easily and does grow. It has been just recently created and appreciates a great deal of patronage from the city's homeowners. Moyo Ogundipe has a Bachelor of Fine Arts level from the University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Safari holidays are excellent for families, couples and pals or...

Posted by Asian Girls @ 04/02/2013 05:33 PM GMT-8
Why Western Guys Looking For Asian Women To Marry?
It ought to getting noted the fact that coloring does depend concerning the bride's country of origin. A thing different is observed, and there are interminable potential customers as the bride can get a notion from any factor of culture and blend it in to her search. A good place to...

Posted by Tusuk Gigi @ 02/26/2013 12:05 PM GMT7
Entah, sudah berapa lama tak kunikmati suasana pantai seperti ini. Saat bundar mentari akan memecah bersama cahaya jingga di ujung senja nanti. Perlahan kutabur remah-remah pasir putih di atas jemari yang telanjang tanpa alas kaki. Dihembus angin, curahan pasir itu meliukkan diri serupa gemulai...

Posted by She met him @ 02/15/2013 09:38 AM GMT5.5
One day...
One day you'll meet a guy And ultimately he's going to find out, How you chew, how you sip, how you dance, How you smell at every point of the day.. How you look without makeup, how you love chocolate, how you don't admit you get scared watching horror movies, how you can be hyper at...

Posted by Dazed-n-Confused @ 11/06/2012 12:48 AM GMT-6
Another year has passed
Well, it looks like I manage to remember this once a year. So here is my entry for 2012.I have been working in Security, for about 3 years now. Mostly nights. Trying to get the radio station back up again. I haven't put the time required into the webpage, but one day I...

Posted by Entrapment @ 11/01/2012 02:05 PM GMT-5
What's in a Theme? What's in this one?
All right. Here's where I try to explain what I'm doing with this "entrapment" business. Not in really clear terms; I'm not sure of it yet and don't want to solidify anything that might still be improved, but clear enough that myself or a curious person might look here to find out or remember...


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