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Posted by Talented @ 12/04/2014 12:16 AM GMT-8
When time stands still
Hi, My name is William Floyd and I have been asked by Gerardo to write a report explaining how I have recruited my personal referrals. You will find here below my referral link's traffic. This is the proof my advertisement is functioning and I am glad to share my experience with you. To...

Posted by Maternal Madness @ 10/21/2014 08:21 AM GMT-8
Comfort in the Lord
I am so thankful that in all the madness of my mothers personality disorder behavior she taught me, from my earliest memories who Jesus Christ is. I remember her sharing with me a dream she had when I was about 11 years old. She told me a big white bird came down from heaven and was...

Posted by Kellee Kramer @ 07/17/2014 01:32 AM GMT-6
I want to talk about suicide, and what it really means. They say if you take your own life, your damned to hell. I just don't believe that to be true. Some peoples hurt is just so strong, they cant mentally or physically take it. Something in your brain just snaps, and its like a sickness...

Posted by unspoken musings @ 06/21/2014 07:19 PM GMT12
l feel like I have lost myself. In struggling to cope with the many changes I have been going through, I feel that I have completely given everything and that I have got nothing left.

Posted by Amynona's secrets @ 03/25/2014 12:45 AM GMT-8
Mich gibt's noch
Lange habe ich nichts geschrieben. Hier nichts von mir hoeren lassen.   In meinem Leben hat sich viel geaendert seit dem letzten Eintrag. Gut, es waere auch schlimm, wenn sich in all den Jahren nichts getan haette. Aber es war halt nicht alles schoen, was ich erlebt habe.   Aber ich...

Posted by Rencontre @ 03/21/2014 06:24 PM GMT-8
Faire une rencontre avec la webcam
En cette ère technologique, il ne peut pas importe combien distance est entre vous et votre date. Grâce aux webcams, vous pouvez créer l'illusion d'être dans la même pièce et partager des temps de visage avec votre amoureuse. Votre ordinateur portable peut être équipé d'une webcam ou...

Posted by AirCon London @ 01/13/2014 11:42 AM GMT-8
Is It Feasible To Think That An Air Conditioned Place of Work Would Boost Output?
There is no question that owners inside an office would like their workers to be more efficient, but how will they intuitively propose this to their staff members without them noticing it. There have been recognized different procedures for increasing the work productivity in the workspace, by...

Posted by JudeBug416 @ 12/27/2013 02:16 PM GMT-5
not according to plan
had a really good Christmas with the family in virginia. started off with a very early flight. amit and i didn't see liem there and were in the process of boarding when he finally showed up. he dumped his bags in front of us and left to get coffee. amit told me to go ahead and board and said...

Posted by My Time in London @ 12/15/2013 12:39 AM GMT-8
Someday, I'll be back again, London. I know it. Perhaps when I've grown up a little. :D

Posted by hugmenot_12 @ 08/31/2013 03:32 AM GMT-8.5
coo, off
Cool OFF Wag ka munang magalit Ako sana�y pakinggan Di ko balak ang ika�y saktan Hindi ikaw ang problema Wala akong iba Di tulad ng iyong hinala Sarili ay di maintindihan Hindi ko malaman, ano ba ang dahilan Ng pansatamantalang paghingi ko ng kalayaan Minamahal kita, pero kelangan ko...


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