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Posted by Tantric Tantrums @ 02/23/2016 09:20 PM GMT7
Masih ada yang lebih penting
Sebuah percakapan antara S(aya) dengan K(lien) yang namanya saya rahasiakan.K       ;      ;  Mbak, aku di bully sama teman2. Enaknya gimana? S    &nbs p;    &nbs p;   Reaksi dalam...

Posted by Catatan Kenangan @ 02/17/2016 01:27 PM GMT7
terlalu lama
terlalu lama kenangan ini ditinggalkn...

Posted by Sharon @ 02/07/2016 08:57 AM GMT-8
Adventures in dating
I talked to this guy on the phone for a couple of hours.  Very interesting, funny, had me laughing, all was good.We met for a bite to eat.  He talked so fast I kept having to ask him to repeat himself.  Okay, maybe he was nervous.He left his phone in his truck then went...

Posted by Techrelation1 @ 01/11/2016 01:51 PM GMT-5
Tech Relationship
Technology has changed everything how I talked to my friends and family. First technology has made it so much easier to connect to others. The speed of connecting to mobile and computer devices has been very great and stress free. When I’m talking to someone the voice is not lagged behind also;...

Posted by geish@ @ 09/02/2015 02:40 AM GMT8
a healthy outside begins from inside - detox now!
Detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver. Detoxing your body can be very beneficial if administered properly. So it is important that you do it with proper guidance because the body needs the proper nutrients to function properly and...

Posted by how2findlove @ 08/19/2015 06:08 PM GMT-8
Is Acceptance The Answer To All Your Problems?
If you believe happiness only comes in acceptance you might be right.After all everybody who is born longs to be popular and we set out assoon as we can talk trying to find acceptance and then popularity.Off we go to school thinking of all the new friends we will meet and wework on making...

Posted by My Labyrinth Mind @ 06/26/2015 03:27 PM GMT-6
Life Stories of a Shorty- Firestarter
At the naive and fearless age of five...Chilling in the living room some time after midnight and the household was snoring...Watching the projection box projecting images of Shirley Temple twisting twirlingA frost bitten breeze roughens my skin and crystallizes my snotA simple cover should...

Posted by othello_rey @ 05/13/2015 10:07 AM GMT8
and then there was
this is just a test if my blog still up here

Posted by Nescafe Ais @ 03/06/2015 07:08 AM GMT7
Kejoraku Bersatu
Dirimu persis bintang terbit dari langit Bukanlah mimpi-mimpiku Di sini telah datang sayang paling dalam Bawaku pulang berteman pelangi Kamar hati ku hiasi...Biar cantik biar baru Semuanya keranamu Oh yang lemah kini gagah...Asal buruk jadi indah Kerana sentuhan cintamu Ku susun...

Posted by Talented @ 12/04/2014 12:16 AM GMT-8
When time stands still
Hi, My name is William Floyd and I have been asked by Gerardo to write a report explaining how I have recruited my personal referrals. You will find here below my referral link's traffic. This is the proof my advertisement is functioning and I am glad to share my experience with you. To...


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