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Posted by orientation @ 06/10/2004 07:27 AM GMT-8
Solidaridad- unity, compactness, togetherness, camaraderie, shared goals...UP publications have a big role in informing, molding, and raising the awareness of students on issues and campaigns concerning the university and the country. UP publications have been exemplary in participating in...

Posted by Soli Constitution @ 06/10/2004 06:50 AM GMT-8
The SOLIDARIDAD Constitution
SOLIDARIDAD UP ALLIANCE OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS AND WRITERS' ORGANIZATIONS CONSTI TUTION PREAMBLE We, the student publications and writers' organizations in the University of the Philippines System, impassioned by the compelling essentiality of establishing a center and beacon that shall...

Posted by Palestine @ 06/01/2004 10:58 PM GMT2
My Last Day..., by Leyla
May 15, 2004   [Ramallah] I travel to the Qalandia checkpoint, where, in a bad mood about leaving, I refuse to show the soldiers my passport. After all, checkpoints are illegal, so they have no right to ask it of me. With some sense I don't say this to them, just say instead that I have...

Posted by Intermagen @ 04/23/2004 09:09 AM GMT11
buenas y malas nuevas-.-
Lo bueno : Nos cambiamos de oficina. Lo Malo: Nos sacamos la $·&% cargando archivadores, computadoras, cartones, cajones y demas...%$%$ que tenia intermagen. Y como que nadie se dio cuanta que Andres llegaba solo por segundos, el man se la saco como los toreros. Lo feo: No nos...

Posted by Flora @ 04/15/2004 01:00 PM GMT0
Endless Beauty
   To the most beautiful Woman I have ever known...       ;      ;      ;  ...

Posted by Gateway NHS @ 04/06/2004 05:41 PM GMT-5
NHS Shirts and Serve-to-Serve
We're ordering more shirts for our newer members, and it's a requirement that everyone own a shirt by Serve-to-Serve (Friday the 16th).  The shirts are $8 and can be paid to Mrs. Privette. We decided not to order any SMALL because we run the risk of not receiving the order on time, so for...

Posted by The Family @ 03/28/2004 02:26 PM GMT-6
Survey is a good thing.
1. First Name:  Jonathan Michelsen       ;      ; 2. Were you named after anyone? no 3. Do you wish on stars?  Not really, but on occasion, it helps. 4. Which finger is your favorite? The ring finger 5. When did you last...

Posted by Valgamaa noored @ 03/22/2004 12:05 PM GMT2
Tere kallis ERL-i liige!   Oled oodatud Valgamaa Rahvaliidu Noorteühenduse korraldatud tutvumisüritusele ööklubisse YES, 2. aprillil kell 19.00. Akadeemilisel osal võtavad sõna erinevate maakondade ERL-i noorteühenduste juhid, Rein Randver, Karel Rüütli ja Valgamaa noorte uus juht Kadri...

Posted by Crew 692 @ 03/07/2004 06:45 PM GMT-6
Next Meeting and Camp out
At today's meeting we planned for the Horseback Camp out, the car wash, and scout fair. The camp out will be next weekend, on the 13th. Our next meeting will be on March 21, 2004.

Posted by KolejMutiara @ 03/03/2004 11:15 AM GMT7
Cerita dari RS Kolej Mutiara Updated 07/09/05 Kolej Mutiara menerima RS baru (Dr Kamaruddin - medical doc). Beliau mula berpindah masuk ke kolej mutiara pada awal bulan Ogos bersamanya keluarga. Sebelum ini beliau bersama kolej zamrud dan sekarang menggantikan Dr Ahmad. Selamat...


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