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Posted by jones isabela 7 @ 12/13/2004 02:10 AM GMT7
I have always wanted to meet in person Governor Grace Padaca. Well, who does'nt? Who does not want to meet, or see in person, the accountant-broadcaster who valiantly fought and won the race for governorship in Isabela in the last elections. About two months ago, Lemo Pandongan have been...

Posted by jones isabela 3 @ 12/08/2004 02:05 PM GMT7
The Barangays of Jones and the Punong Barangays of "Kapitan"
Noel M. Anoling - Abulan Ruben M. Hidalgo - Addalam   Roger S. Salvador - Arubub   Joseph D. Cariaga - Bannawag   Recto M. Gaffud - Bantay   Glicerio D. Abad - Barangay 01   Onofra G. Pablo - Barangay 02   Santiago R. Navarro, Sr. -...

Posted by batak @ 11/19/2004 02:09 PM GMT7
Beberapa Hal Yang Dapat Mendorongmu Untuk Tetap Bertahan !
Jika kau merasa lelah dan tak berdaya dari usaha yang sepertinya sia-sia... Tuhan tahu betapa keras engkau sudah berusaha. Ketika kau sudah menangis sekian lama dan hatimu masih terasa pedih... Tuhan sudah menghitung airmatamu. Jika kau pikir bahwa hidupmu sedang menunggu sesuatu dan...

Posted by shadowalker @ 11/11/2004 07:29 PM GMT-5
Hey all, I'm dating again. Sorry I haven't posted in heaven only knows when, but now the girl I am dating is called Amber. She has red hair and beautiful eyes that I can't even describe, and just her overall appearance is breath taking. She has one of the best personalties I have...

Posted by ____FATE____ @ 10/23/2004 11:07 PM GMT10
STUPID FREAKIN HOPE! yea that's right everyone her name is 'HOPE' what a hopeless name! She is the stupid new owner of wendys and i HATEEEEEEEEE HER! Mannnnn... she changes everything! She doesnt smile, she doesnt talk, she's a clean freak (makes us wipe the windows outside 10 times in a day!)....

Posted by MTU Sempoi @ 09/21/2004 09:00 PM GMT-8
Nota Dot Com Dot My Bekerja Sama Dengan MTU Sempoi
Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera, Nota Dot Com Dot My kini berkerjasama dengan MTU Sempoi untuk memberikan kemudahan penjualan nota-nota hasil ahli-ahli MTU Sempoi. Lawat laman Nota Dot Com Dot My di Wassalam. : ) MTU Sempoi Dot Com

Posted by FBHS Aquino 02-03 @ 07/20/2004 08:14 PM GMT8
FBHS Forum is now open...
Hey, all you guyz out there. The FBHS FORUM is now open!!! I had just made it last night. I hope all FBHS student visit and join the forum. This the place where you can talk anything especially your favorites and highschool life. I hope all of you register and participate to us thanks. ...

Posted by Minnetonka MUN @ 07/16/2004 03:10 PM GMT-6
First and foremost
Hey there all! Welcome to the conception of the Minnetonka Model United Nations Club. Needless to say, we have a bunch of work ahead of us. I have found some sites that may be useful to all of us to gather more information. But bare wilth me, I haven't been to successful with links. Model...

Posted by cvpthesis @ 06/30/2004 07:07 PM GMT7
World Without FILIPINOS
Pinoy Kasi by Michael L. Tan World without Filipinos ONE morning Californians wake up to find a third of their population has suddenly disappeared. Speculation is rife on what might have happened: was it biological warfare, or a UFO abduction en masse? Eventually, officials declare a state...

Posted by Directory @ 06/12/2004 10:54 AM GMT-8
Solidaridad Directory
Most have no links yet (as of June 14, 2004) except for UJP-UP Legend: OSP - Official Student Publication M - Member M-A - Active Member P - Applicant UP Diliman Access (College of Science Student Council) Agong (Kontra-Gapi) Artpaper (OSP-College of Fine Arts Student Council)...


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