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Posted by Entrapment @ 11/01/2012 02:05 PM GMT-5
What's in a Theme? What's in this one?
All right. Here's where I try to explain what I'm doing with this "entrapment" business. Not in really clear terms; I'm not sure of it yet and don't want to solidify anything that might still be improved, but clear enough that myself or a curious person might look here to find out or remember...

Posted by Daily Thoughts @ 10/25/2012 08:48 AM GMT-5
Lord, I'm lost. I am desperately looking for support from someone who knows what it is like to be disappointed by someone you love dearly. To be let down on just about every front. I don't know what to do, and I'm just so sad right now. I haven't felt this way in a long time, but I just cannot...

Posted by Hopeless Romantic @ 06/28/2012 01:18 AM GMT8
Still Waiting.
I'm just glad that you're finally here. There's so much more that I want to say to you, but what's left unspoken I'll put down in words. And you will find me here: http://kingsleysia.wordpress. com Because I love you, still.-kingsley sia-

Posted by oren @ 05/15/2012 05:18 PM GMT7
1st time nursing in public. kat JJ Seremban 2 ni sebenarnya stress jugak kalo nk nyusu gune nursing cover ni. maklum la x tere lagi. ahmad pun x brapa berkenan kalo diserkup dengan nursing cover ni. rimas gamaknya. tp lama2 dia dh ok la. dgn syarat tempat tu kene ade ekon. kalo panas, alamat, x...

Posted by Fashion Bags9 @ 05/08/2012 08:40 PM GMT-8
Jordan 4 Knicks Price Comparison A Perfect Method For Smart Shopping
The Jordan 4 Cavs is yet another pair of Jordan sneakers that show love to the Big Apple. Jordan Brand recently release a couple pair of sneakers in New York Knicks colorways. Today we get the first look at the AJ 4 Retro 'NY Knicks' and they don't disappoint. There will not be a large...

Posted by Dating Today @ 03/14/2012 02:33 PM GMT-8
Men: Have You Considered?
Have you considered? 1..&nbs p; A woman's outer beauty may fade as she ages... ~ Her inner beauty will always be present hopefully til the day she passes on... 2..  Her personality will always be with her... 3..  Her attitude will...

Posted by Just listen... @ 03/06/2012 04:25 AM GMT-5
Has Blogdrive been abandoned?

Posted by OesyiLpoenyaBLoG @ 01/16/2012 01:12 PM GMT7
A goodbye note yang lama tertunda
        Hallo, mas. Saya harap mas baik-baik saja. Saya tidak tau di mana mas sekarang. Tapi saya harap mas dalam keadaan baik. Mas tau kan saya selalu berdoa untuk mas. Maaf kalau saya menyerang mas tiba-tiba dengan kata-kata saya waktu itu. Bersembunyi di balik...

Posted by Low Emissions @ 01/07/2012 02:41 AM GMT-6
She makes me want to better myself.She came to town again and I was able to visit with her a couple of times.  As usual, every minute was wonderful.  Sometimes wonderfully great, sometimes wonderfully not so much.  It's really not so confusing.  I feel like I can't get enough of...

Posted by ra2qiu @ 12/24/2005 11:36 PM GMT-8
Come To ME
"I don't know how far or how long I could endure this but each day is unbearable. If I could be with you now, I would be the happiest person in the whole world..If you feel you're wanting, so do I.. If you feel you're longing for me, so do I for you. And if you feel you need me now, I'm waiting......


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