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Posted by Random Thoughts @ 01/02/2010 12:32 PM GMT-6
A New Story
"The Shepherd’s word touched Elijah’s heart. 'It is not difficult to rebuild a life, just as it is not impossible to raise Akbar from its ruins', the shepherd continued. 'It is enough to be aware that we go with the same strength that we had before. And to use that in our favour.' The man gazed...

Posted by Dear Arthur @ 12/28/2009 04:31 PM GMT8
unsent #11
it has been quite a while. i thought i've forgotten, i guess i thought wrong. christmas wasn't different from any other ordinary day. i was all smiles. like any other day that i pretend that i'm complete and normal and fine and maybe not happy, but at least OK. but inside, i was the same wreck...

Posted by WurtzlerWisconsin @ 12/05/2009 08:57 AM GMT-5
William Walter Wurtzler Obituary
Wurtzler, William "Bill" William "Bill" Wurtzler, age 75, of Lisle, Ill., passed away on Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2009. He was born to Walter and Pearl Wurtzler, in 1934, in Watertown. Bill was a 1952 graduate of Madison East High School. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy from 1952 until 1954. Bill attended...

Posted by KaleidoscopeWorld @ 11/25/2009 03:24 AM GMT-8
No To Chiz Esudero
I changed my mind. Chiz Escudero is a freakin ambitious, arrogant jerk.He hasn't even done anything worthy in the Senate yet and here he goes sour graping because he didn't get any good endorsement from the likes of Danding.He can go kiss Noynoy AbNoy's ass for all I care.I am voting for Manny...

Posted by SwEeTy HoNeY @ 09/30/2009 06:45 PM GMT8
Blog ini sudah ditutup...
Assalamualaikum..saya di sini ingin memohon ampun dan maaf kerana terpakse menutup blog ini di atas sebab2 jgn sedey..korang bleh melawat blog baru saya di bawah..jgn lupe tgglkan comment korang di sane,ye.. ;)http://michu-pichu.blogspot .com/

Posted by Mahkota Hujan @ 09/24/2009 04:20 PM GMT7
Aku ingin
Aku ingin......................... .........................dibua tkan ............................. .............................. .puisi

Posted by Keluarga Hj Jani @ 09/10/2009 08:29 AM GMT8
Para Imam Empat Mazhab
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Posted by ||| eLa!ne ||| @ 07/11/2009 03:54 AM GMT7
Have you helped someone???
We have a patient named Rafael Isaac Borja Garcia, son of Jaja Borja and Wendell Garcia (drummer of Pupil)... He's been admitted for months now... Raffa (also known as Botchok, Famfam) is suffering from CUTIS LAXA ...  Cutis laxa (Latin for loose or lax skin) is a connective tissue...

Posted by hritzy @ 07/09/2009 08:57 PM GMT-8
Huntington Beach, California Police Department
I am normally very supportive of law enforcement but HB's "finest" leave a lot to be desired. Three incidents have clouded my view of them.The first occurred when my house alarm went off. we had left a window open and a bird flying by would set it off. Our fault. We headed back home hoping...

Posted by LovelyLeza @ 03/04/2009 04:54 PM GMT-5
it really has been a while since I have been on here. I think it is time to get back in the swing of things... today has been a day for me. I have been so emotional about everything. Crying every time I turn around. being pregnant this time sure is different. I don't remember being this emotional...


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