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Posted by Real Estate Blog @ 10/08/2012 04:51 PM GMT-5
Home Relocation Tips
It is important that you properly prepare for a house relocation since it is such a major event in your life. If you go about it in a scattered way, you may find that you've overlooked some critical detail. Maybe you'll forget to turn on the water, not have garbage service, or perhaps not even...

Posted by Textor Textrix @ 10/08/2012 03:46 AM GMT9
There are reasons that words 'be careful what you wish for' exist.For me personally, I guess it's either I'll do something that ruin it or something will happen that'll turn me off of it completely. In this particular case, it's the first one that happened.When things like that happened,...

Posted by the Villmers life @ 09/22/2012 04:31 PM GMT-6
Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary Party
Jessica had a great time today in downtown St. Louis celebrating the GS 100th anniversary.  There were countless booths, food giveaways, and arts and crafts opportunities.  If you'd like to see two photos of Jessica as a crazy cookie scientist, follow this...

Posted by HELLO KITTY @ 09/17/2012 07:49 AM GMT9
Family Bonding Time
Well, we had a wonderful long weekend.  Craig's unit had some type of development day so he was off on Friday too!  Friday, Craig and I did some running around with little miss Pieper early on.  Then we went to pick up Dalton at school and went to Camp Red Cloud (which is...

Posted by Pottebaum Family @ 04/27/2012 05:44 PM GMT-5
Florence Pottebaum
ALTON, Iowa -- Florence C. Pottebaum, 87, of Alton died Wednesday, April 25, 2012, at Orange City Health System Hospital, in Orange City, Iowa. Services will be 10:30 a.m. Saturday at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Alton, with the Rev. Paul Eisele officiating and Rev. Richard Ball concelebrating....

Posted by Plissee @ 04/18/2012 10:51 AM GMT1
Hausdekoration Plissee
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Posted by Bintang diSurga @ 03/13/2012 10:53 AM GMT6.5
pheww berzaman tak update ha. malas kot.kali ni nak citer pasal movie, dulu-dulu rajin review movie kan. hahaha tah sebab ape tiba-tiba hilang minat nak tulis dalam ni. oklah sementelaah ada masa terluang ni, jom tulis review etek.aku punya passion nak tengok citer ni abt a year ago, i even follow...

Posted by It's me Paola! @ 01/10/2012 08:29 PM GMT8
The Owl and the Pussycat
The Owl and the Pussycatwritten by: Edward Learperformed by: Jasmine Paola A. CambiaI The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea     In a beautiful pea green boat, They took some honey, and plenty of money,     Wrapped up in a five pound...

Posted by clarissima @ 11/27/2011 03:29 PM GMT8
I Fired My Boss
Here I am again. Another transition period, and changing job or maybe switching career. No idea what comes next. My options are open. And I am aiming to be A Jack of All Trades And Master Of ONE :) I handed in my resignation letter on 4 October 2011. So giving a month's notice, my last day in the...

Posted by Thanks-GOD @ 06/21/2011 06:25 PM GMT6
it's to hard GOD
my Father..... i want to cry.... it's hard to pass this time forgive me for all my sins, take my hand so i can always walk with u give me way out from this case.


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