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Posted by SCI and my life @ 11/08/2003 05:29 AM GMT-6
"BACk" from the doc
Okay, I know I was bitching last time I wrote, and this is no different, just gonna be shorter.  I had to have a discogram done, and that is nothing more than torture. I had it done three days ago, and still am in horrid pain, but then again, we make narcotics for that reason...

Posted by My fool head @ 09/18/2003 11:44 PM GMT-6
WhaaaaaaaaaaaT? AKA Welcome to my pity party
I finally decide that regardless of how long my son cries I am going to ignore him and I am going to sit on my fat ass and watch TV, I get the stuff set up and light a candle as there is a horrible smell in out rug where our now potty trained and nighttime controlled four.75 year old peed on the...

Posted by .brand new. @ 09/09/2003 09:50 PM GMT-10
you cant stop me now .
today i went to school , had P.E 2nd period , we played flag footballa and volleyball . then 4th period i have english . lots of work ! . then biology a boring yet interesting class . after school i went to ms.akamines class so finish the work i never finish . then went home . did more homework ....


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