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Posted by hail @ 01/21/2004 06:08 PM GMT-8
fake cyanide...
Fake fucking one should ever mess with death. Venturing into that realm isn't safe...I was promised cyanide...not 'all natural knee cramp remover' or some fucked shit like that...I was promised a pill with 30 milligrams of cyanide in it and that is what I expect to recieve. I want my...

Posted by Purgatory @ 01/18/2004 04:02 PM GMT-5
homicide feels like the right word
hey... it fucking snowed again and that makes me so FUCKING ANGRY!!!... i hate it when it snows. and i hate it when i do my entries in html format that the line of text just keeps fucking scrolling to left as i type rather than just starting a new line. oh well. sorry people that my text is small,...

Posted by My Life As Me @ 01/17/2004 12:31 AM GMT10
Yipeeeeee I got my new tyres on the car today.  Thank god it has made a difference to the handling ... Ill have to wait n see wot its really like when I take it on the freeway. Wot else is new ... ummm Im gonna buy myself an MP3 off ebay.  Ad and I have been talkin about it and he...

Posted by Bipolar Hell @ 12/27/2003 12:16 AM GMT-8
Therapy Feels Awful
Therapy feels awful.  Sometimes I feel like maybe I need to take a break from it, but then that would only leave me to listen to my mother and I think she is depressed too.  I have been feeling so much hate towards my therapist the last few sessions and it confuses me because I like...

Posted by Slashed Wrists @ 12/14/2003 01:59 PM GMT-8
Another Day Of my Life
| Current Mood: Anxious || Current Music: Dir en Grey - Ain't Afraid to Die |Same music.. same mood... what more could I ask for?Go visit my art site.. i'm too lazy to make a link but herehttp://freysiota.deviantar

Posted by Bipolar Teen @ 12/13/2003 10:37 PM GMT-5
Not Alone
I'm really glad that I'm not alone.  I've met a few people who can relate to me, and it feels good to know that I'm not the only one on this planet in a similar situation. I found a good quote from May's blog today.  It's from Dr. Suess.       ; "Be who you...

Posted by x:TearsxRunxRed:x @ 12/08/2003 07:37 PM GMT-5
[[Nothing is forever]]
Hello.. today is monday.. Yesterday i fell down and went boom. today was boring. no landicina today which was kinda cool. anyway lauren came over last night for my mommys birthday party. tomorrow is her birthday.. happy birthday to my 39 year old ma. lauren got a fuckin belt made that says laur....

Posted by cosas y tal @ 11/29/2003 10:34 PM GMT0
Querido blog... (xDD)
jeje bueno siempre quise decir eso y como nunca escribi un diario pues se lo digo a mi blog... ya he hecho mas cosas pero os aviso, no espereis demasiado porque no creo que haya muchas cosas mas, jeje hay que ser realistas!!! Tambien aņadir que me alegro mucho de que Shan haya coenctado con su...

Posted by Listentomyheart @ 11/26/2003 11:36 PM GMT-5
Jays Greatest Hits
From my other heart... Jays Greatist Hits

Posted by NinSlave's Blog @ 11/24/2003 10:53 AM GMT-5
its been a while
hey, i feel like a loser.  i'm so sick it's like...not even funny.  I was glad to discover that my girlfriend isn't mad at me... :-) that's always great!  and well... i can't see her again til friday, but it's not that long of a wait.  She has mono anyway, and I'd like her to...


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