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Posted by A Little Crazy @ 07/12/2005 02:06 PM GMT-8
Another Day, Another Dollar
Today, I feel like I am going to lose it. I go from being fine that I don’t have a baby yet, to feeling like my world is spinning out of control. I went back to my RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) today and it looks like my post IVF ovulation resulting in pregnancy was a fluke. That was my miracle...

Posted by Alexis Lathulerie @ 11/26/2004 12:40 PM GMT-8
About Me.
Alexis Lathulerie.Man, Male, 53.I like Current events, Music and humble people. 408-426-8217Email:lat banker88854@gmai debtcollector2@netzero. elnegro33@ Ba nker - Banquero.Links. Enlaces. ...

Posted by Why go on? @ 06/04/2004 02:51 AM GMT-6
it continues
im still alive.... things could be better but overall i think im alright

Posted by anti-y0u @ 05/28/2004 10:21 AM GMT-5
well, i got my cap and gown.  and i bought a yearbook this morning.  as far as i know, i'm all set to leave high school. last night sarah and i went to mayfair for reggae night in the pouring rain.  it was so fun!!  there was a woman who had this beautiful voice and she was a...

Posted by Shiva Ananda @ 05/15/2004 04:39 AM GMT-5
Escapee!!! 8 O
I brought something down to the community room a few minutes ago.  I'd closed my apartment door softly, & at some point it must have popped open.  When I returned my first thought was, "OMG - There's a cat in the hallway!"  My second thought was, "HOLY SHIT - AND IT'S...

Posted by §î©NtWiStEd999 @ 04/03/2004 11:44 AM GMT-8
You Dont Want
This is my life its everything you didnt want im so confused i cant believe its happening I know you dont care you dont listen but then i wouldnt listen to someone like me it is you dont try and change me im everything i wanna be you hate me you dispise me but yet i guess i would...

Posted by Magnetic Poetry @ 03/19/2004 02:08 PM GMT-8
Life. Medicine. Miracles.
I'm bored...Sorry for not writing last night, but I was in the emergency room. Myself as in I. Yep! I had to give blood. In the news this mroning some girl(ten years old) killed all her classmates by telling them it was candy, but really drugs! Current Mood: Hyper Current Music: Bowling for...

Posted by ashab-ng-punjab @ 03/11/2004 10:16 AM GMT-3.5
caress me down
Caress Me Down Mucho gusto me llamo Bradley, (Pleased to meet you my name is Bradley) Im hornier than Ron Jeremy and if you wanna get popped in your knee just wipe that look off your bati face You hate me cause i got whatcha need a pretty little daughter that we call mixie and if...

Posted by hail @ 01/21/2004 06:08 PM GMT-8
fake cyanide...
Fake fucking one should ever mess with death. Venturing into that realm isn't safe...I was promised cyanide...not 'all natural knee cramp remover' or some fucked shit like that...I was promised a pill with 30 milligrams of cyanide in it and that is what I expect to recieve. I want my...

Posted by Purgatory @ 01/18/2004 04:02 PM GMT-5
homicide feels like the right word
hey... it fucking snowed again and that makes me so FUCKING ANGRY!!!... i hate it when it snows. and i hate it when i do my entries in html format that the line of text just keeps fucking scrolling to left as i type rather than just starting a new line. oh well. sorry people that my text is small,...


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