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Posted by schizo @ 01/04/2006 10:29 PM GMT8
Sister, more than my teacher! Teaching me the way of life, and the determination to strive. Devoted to Buddhism, yet interested in "my Taoism". She broke off as a deviant, but came back forgiven. She went to poly, not forgetting to folly. Got some work but questions lurk. Went to India...

Posted by qoutes @ 01/04/2006 10:25 PM GMT8
Quotes (10)
postamble(); Be completely aware yet completely detached. Sense but don't percieve.

Posted by Challenge Myself @ 10/26/2005 09:36 PM GMT-5
I'll be back on Friday after my mom leaves!! Ill be able to have more control over what i eat. She is a great mother but just doesn't cook healthy!

Posted by Molly's Blog @ 09/28/2005 07:40 AM GMT-7
I like and dislike my job, all in the same breath.  What I like are the kids and most of the staff.  What I dislike, are the what some of the kids do, and a few of the staff, especially the people I have to supervise.  The Superintendent is a Borderline PD, w Nacissistic features,...

Posted by Bloody Truths @ 09/24/2005 01:17 AM GMT-8
One Step Closer To April ^_^
Don't worry if you don't get the title of this entry... You only need to worry if you do ^___^ CURRENT EVENTS: But.. for those of you keeping track (much like Alicia's love of the count down to Adulthood, we have 188 Days till April... great fun! ^___^ Whoo Hoo! Jesus Christ: Superstar is...

Posted by codstory @ 09/07/2005 02:03 PM GMT-8
what Happens when a mommy and daddy dont "love" each other anymore
I donít hate them, I just hate what they are doing to me. Atleast thatís the conclusion I came too after thinking about it for three hours. I mean saying I hate my parents is a strong thing to say. And itís not Christ-like.       ;      ;  They...

Posted by A Little Crazy @ 07/12/2005 02:06 PM GMT-8
Another Day, Another Dollar
Today, I feel like I am going to lose it. I go from being fine that I donít have a baby yet, to feeling like my world is spinning out of control. I went back to my RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) today and it looks like my post IVF ovulation resulting in pregnancy was a fluke. That was my miracle...

Posted by ayurveda blog @ 07/04/2005 10:41 AM GMT5.5
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Posted by angels and stars @ 12/10/2004 03:59 AM GMT-8
after twenty years...
hey, girls! got my gradpics already.. who wants a copy? sige na! pretty pa naman ako dun! hihi. joke. :) missing you all, lane

Posted by Buigera @ 10/16/2004 11:35 PM GMT-6
Sorry that I have not been writing. I have not been home lately (so long that I have time to do anything) I have been out and about. 27 more days and I am 16 and 30 more days and I get my liceans. How ever you spel it. I am not going to talk long but I can not wait till I get my car back. I am...


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