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Posted by Inspiration @ 12/25/2006 01:47 AM GMT0
Have a Merry Christmas!!I've been finding that I've been updating my VOX blog a lot more these days, because it's so easy to post photos and other media. I've decided to use that for a while so see you over there!

Posted by nutnurse @ 12/06/2006 09:51 AM GMT-8
finding fault with me!
I should have known there was gonna be a problem when Bonnie showed up at the house yesterday morning with a big plate of cookies.They were my favorite---soft, home-made oatmeal and smelled so yummy! They were also full of pecans!It went downhill from there. Bonnie is very organied, very much the...

Posted by Anjal 01 @ 09/15/2006 10:52 AM GMT7
situs ini telah kami tutup
bila temen2 membutuhkan data2 tentang anak jalanan dapet mengklik di

Posted by MassageTherapy @ 05/20/2006 03:53 AM GMT-8
Health Products
Health Products BIDADARIMINUMAN KESIHATAN KHUSUS PEMBINAAN DALAMAN ISTIMEWA UNTUK WANITAApa itu Bidadari?Bidadari adalah minuman berfungsi untuk kesihatan , kecantikan dan kebahagiaan suami isteri di komposisikan dengan bahan semulajadi mewah .Keistimewaan Bidadari Mekanisme Bidadari : BINA DARI...

Posted by dugongsenyum @ 05/05/2006 04:04 PM GMT7
Rahsia Kertas Puteh
Hari ini tapi minggu lepas. Dihulurkannya aku sebungkus roti. Aku ambillah. "Saya belanja kamu, tadi Kak Suseela sudah ambil juga." Pada aku ada tiga potong roti. Aku agak pasti roti ini  asalnya sebuku besar, dipotong-potong setebal 1 inci, menjadi beberapa keping. Aku dapat 3 keping....

Posted by iranska @ 04/25/2006 04:00 PM GMT1
Self-watering Pot
 Internet:One of my hobbies is to grow plant. Today I found a tutorial about how to make a "self-watering pot" which is good if you wanna go to holidays and you don't have anyone to water your favourite plant. This is the tutorial from DIY Network and contains even a movie how to do it. Very...

Posted by Only silence @ 12/21/2005 08:54 PM GMT1
21/12/05 HE VIVIDO
He querido y me han daņado. Me han amado y he fingido. He soņado y me han criticado. He sido libre y me han encarcelado. He escrito y nadie lo ha leido. He hablado y nadie me ha entendido. He escuchado y no he aprendido. He besado dejando el alma a un lado. He jugado y me han ganado. He...

Posted by Keisha's Drive In @ 12/21/2005 04:51 PM GMT7
OK OK ok I'm Writing A Post Yi Liang
My day went fine.. cleaned my room, listen to music, chat wih a few friends which included Yi Liang.. practiced guitar, watched bold and beautiful, going to watch the practice, read the Book Project Book 2, eat shit and sleep... thats my day... ha ha ha...and made tiramisu with grandma!

Posted by nowhey @ 10/11/2005 02:39 PM GMT-6
I found this blog...
http://threepennies.blogdrive. com/archive/204.html and boy does it illustrate what life with a milk allergic child is like.  Although she describes "difficult" children in general, her situation struck really close to home.

Posted by sami @ 05/24/2005 07:54 PM GMT-5
F.Y.I Sami's back.
im back. and better than ever


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